Sunday, May 11, 2014

the first trimester...

now that word is out i'd like to say my blog silence is due to the pregnancy but unfortunately (or fortunately) i can't blame it on that since so far i have felt fantastic, like not even different at all.  no nausea, no food aversions, no sickness whatsoever.   i feel super lucky to have sailed through these first 14 weeks so easily.  i get a little tired around 10pm every night and i've been super hungry....but otherwise i really feel great! 

so great and hungry in fact that i'm already up 7lbs, but hey my pants still (mostly) fit so i don't feel so bad.  but i can tell they are coming to an end soon, i ordered my first pair of maternity pants last week.  it's getting real.

i started taking belly pics in the beginning, it felt silly since nothing was very apparent yet - and i got lazy in the middle there around weeks 8 to 10, but i have to say the difference b/t week 6 and 14 is VERY noticeable, well to me at least! 

i'm due November 6th, and we have decided NOT to find out what we're having.  i've honestly always wanted to go for the surprise, and tim was fine with that.  we are also not sharing our names until the baby is born... clearly this baby is a top secret? sure. 

the only real craving i have had is smart food popcorn...but i pretty much thought that stuff was delicious beforehand too.  if you disagree i'm not sure we can be friends. ;)

also i'm glad to not be taking my temperature daily and obsessing over my ovulation chart, so there's that too. 

my pregnancy apps are giving me slight anxiety... 25 weeks left! (they cheerfully announce!)   which just makes me think, omg so much to do!!!   but we're a little ahead of the game in that we painted the nursery a mint green months ago, so that's done.  and we bought a dresser that we're going to paint and switch the hardware out - it will act as a dresser and changing table. 

i'm going to try to blog more so i can look back one day at my pregnancy updates...hold me to it.


p.s.  happy mother's day to all the moms out there!  especially my own!  thanks for always being my number 1 fan, mom!  you might be the only person still reading my blog ;)


  1. Such a cute tiny bump! Can #topsecretbaby be a thing? I think we should make it a thing.

    AND the countdown? I don't like it. I haven't liked it since day one. I don't need to be reminded that I ONLY have 10 more weeks, but thanks app. Like commence panic attacks.

  2. I'm calling BOY now! Glad you had a pretty easy first trimester. That's awesome and you are way ahead of the game. Happy First Mother's Day to you!

  3. eeek! I love this! my only real question is what does #henryhager have to say about all this?

  4. Yay! I loved reading this and can't wait to follow along. I have had a very smooth pregnancy so far too. I was only a little nauseous in my 1st trimester when I hadn't eaten, but I was never sick so it sounds like we are having similar symptomless pregnancies. :) Wahoo.

  5. Yay for blogging!!!!!! Congrats again!