Wednesday, May 14, 2014

first trimester essentials...

my first trimester was luckily a breeze, but trust me i do not take this for granted.   know if could have been so much worse.  my best friend had extreme morning sickness for the first 6 months of her pregnancy, so i'm feeling pretty darn lucky to feel how i feel.  i have pinned tons of other blogger's first, second and third trimester essentials.  so i thought i'd might as well throw mine up there.  i mean, it might not help anyone else, but it worked for me. ;)

smartfood popcorn.  and before you ask, WHITE CHEDDAR.  is there any other kind of smart food?  (butter doesn't count!)

decaf.   i'm not even sure i like coffee so much as i like creamer.  but i switched to decaf.  i know it's not naturally decaffeinated but i am only having one cup a day, so i figure it can't be that bad for me.  and i'd really miss my cup of coffee in the morning, i have an hour commute ...i need that coffee!

prenatals.  i am normally the worst at taking vitamins, but i've been so good...i've only missed a day or two, if that!  i put them right by the coffee, so i remember to take them every day.  it works!

oh, and i did get a bumpnest pillow for my birthday, but that wasn't technically until the second trimester.  it's kind of the best thing ever.  like sleeping on a cloud. 

any second trimester essentials that i absolutely need?  lay them on me! 


  1. Oh you are so lucky. I hatedmy first trimester it almost sealed the fate of having only one kid ;) in my second trimester now and you have to get the blanqi bumped cami from
    Target. It's basically a support for your tummy and back. I love mine!! And the white cheddar popcorn is an obsession right now of mine as well ;)


    1. thanks girl! i'll check out the blanqi cami! i have heard good things about them. glad you share my love of smart food ;)

  2. Nutella. Nutella on strawberries. Nutella on pretzels. Nutella all day long.

    lol :)

    1. i just had nutella for the first time ever the other day (in a gluten free cupcake!) i knew you'd be proud!!

  3. I'm so jealous you have a bump nest pillow...I've been looking at those! My birthday is in June so maybe I'll add that to my wishlist!