Friday, February 14, 2014

snowy valentine's day!

happy valentine's day to you and yours!   we are snowed in, and my flowers arrived at my office (about an hour away) today :)   but i'm feeling VERY lucky that i have the ability to work from home when the weather is crappy, there was a 150 car accident on the turnpike today. hoping everyone stays safe and warm. 
if you're wondering what we're doing today, it's a lot of this:

[this is basically my around the house uniform these days; layers and hunters. i mean, do you see this snow?]

[this guy opted for his entire snowboarding outfit minus the boots, whatever it takes] 
[this guy keeps watch at the front one can snow blow without his watchful stare]
we're going out to dinner tomorrow...but tonight; PIZZA! 


  1. what part of the country do you live in!? i literally had no idea that snow could get this high!!!

  2. So I knew you got a lot of snow...but umm. Wow. And the front of your house is cute! I don't know that I really knew what it looked like. But, not as cute as Hen watching out the window. If he goes missing, you might want to check my house...

  3. I think everyone eats pizza during snow days!