Wednesday, January 1, 2014

peace out, 2013.

what kind of blogger would i be if i didn't pop in for a 2013 recap on the eve of the new year?  (ahem, i wrong this yesterday but am just now getting to post it).

< january >
visits to my adorable (and omg was she tiny then or what?!) niece. 
this guy was small (er) and still behind gates!

< february >
tim turns 30 in february - fancy dinner out and party commences.
< march >
1 year anniversary, (blurrily) proving my dress still fits (BOOM)
and exchanging traditional "paper" gifts for year one.

< april > 
turning the big 3-0 myself. 
< may > 
we head to jamaica to see tim's cousin get married.  i get very sunburned, but the view from our balcony is stunning.  
 my best friend gets married.... to tim's best friend. life WIN.   
< june > 
baby shower for vicky, we can't wait to meet isaiah.
i prepare for two 2 5k's (color run & drenched!)

< july >
henry proves he is almost the same size as tim. and that he looks like elvis sometimes.
< august >
 apparently i took very few pictures at the end of summer.  but of course there are some awkward blogger poses, just enough to make my neighbors wonder.

< september >
still struggling with this guy and his allergies. discover doggie dermatologists are a very real (and very expensive) thing.

< october >
pumpkin cookies for a blogger meet up at terrain. got to meet some cool bloggers and hang with becky again!

visiting baby isaiah! and carl! oh, and vicky and dave too ;)
is this a handsome cat or what?  poppy doesn't miss her brother, but we sure do!
< november > 
look at this girl!  2 years old!   the difference between her hair in january and now is pretty hysterical.

< december >
this guy. just being adorable.
christmas card photos.
christmas morning. 
we're obsessed with him.  we can't help it.
grandma and pop pop with their angie girl. (my parents are adorable) 
i think aunt kate and uncle tim did good in the gift department.
tim's parents tree. (i was bad at taking people pictures during gift opening. oops!)

bring it on, 2014. 
can't wait to see what you have in store for us. 
wishing you and yours a healthy and happy new year!   


  1. You with Hen on Christmas morning is the best! Also, those pants from August are adorable. How did I miss those? Annnd if I had your wedding dress, I'd basically walk around in it like once a week for good measure! So pretty.

  2. I swear your dog is more high maintenance than a newborn (not that I would know!). It cracks me up.

    IN LOVE with your wedding dress. Mine would so totally not fit me right now.

  3. I agree with Chelsea, you and Hen at Christmas is just fantastic!

  4. Jamaica, i would love to visit it one day.

  5. wow, what a happy and beautiful year! and i love your wedding dress! yay for it fitting!