Friday, November 29, 2013


insert typical thanksgiving post (ahem, on day late) here. ;)

[my glasses are dirty about 90% of the time, also i whitened my teeth here; full disclosure. ;) ]

i am thankful for a marriage that is still so new that every time we do something on a holiday i can proclaim, 'let's make this a tradition!!"   i am thankful for a husband who cooks, this is a trait i never knew i always wanted.   i am thankful for my huge crazy slobbering hound dog, he can drive me totally crazy sometimes but he greets me like i'm the best thing in the whole world.   i am thankful for our sweet cat who is getting braver by the day and tolerating some vigorous and aggressive sniffing from said hound.   i am thankful for my family; amazing parents who support me in everything i do, a sister who 'likes' all my instagram pics regardless of how good they really are and makes some killer pumpkin soup, a sweet niece who is developing into the cutest and funniest little lady, my brother-in-law for always taking such good care of my sister and niece, and in-laws who treat me like i have been a part of the family forever.  i am thankful for recipes on blogs, so i can make things i have never even tasted before (i'm looking at you, pecan pie).  i am thankful for blog friends turned real friends.  i am thankful for the best friends a girl could ever want.  i am thankful for coffee, or more accurately vanilla creamer.  i am thankful for the health and happiness of everyone i care about.  happy thanksgiving to you and yours!

[hen will always be more photogenic then us.]


  1. Your "let's make this a tradition" proclamation made me giggle!

  2. awww this is the happiest list!!! so many of these i am thankful for
    too!! happy holidays!!!