Friday, November 15, 2013

friday links

[cold weather calls for flannel]

maybe friday links should also be called 'things i want for christmas' and emailed directly to my husband?  just a thought.

i can already see this console table in our front room...soon enough, sweet table.

i've been wanting velvet curtains for a while, and we just bought these in cream.  not sure what i was thinking.  the color just looks wrong in that room, not to mention the potential dangers of mud/dog slobber showing up on them!  so last night i returned them for the navy version, MUCH better. 

lately i am more and more worried about how much bottled water i am drinking because of BPA.  so i think one of these glass BRK bottles will be on my christmas list!

and this adorable polka dot sweater, though tim told me i have WAY too many polka dot shirts.  hey, a girl knows what she likes, ok?

what's on your christmas list?



  1. I have to admit I clicked on the console table link because I thought it was a table in the shape of a Wii or something.

    I was sad.

  2. Ha, my husband loves when I do wish makes Christmas easier on him. And I'm loving anything and everything polka dot too.

  3. Love this! My husband never gets the subtle list, not even posted on the blog. Full direction needed haha

  4. Ha! I thought about emailing my wish list to my family. And I love the shirt.