Tuesday, November 12, 2013

fish need dermatologists too?

[brought these treats to the blogger meet-up, try hey natalie jean's pumpkin cookie recipe.  you will NOT be disappointed. so good. i also tied spider rings on there. because what's a halloween treat without a spider ring?]

here it is, the most delayed update to my last post on henry's dermatologist appointment.  hope you weren't holding your breath. 

so, henry is now on a new antibiotic for his resistant staph infection (ugh), and 2 new drugs to replace prednisone so that in december he can be allergy tested.  basically it works like a scratch test for humans.  so, here's hoping they figure out what he's allergic too and that he doesn't have a bad reaction to the test (the vet assures me that won't happen).  i took the day off from work because i'm a dramatic dog mom.  don't judge.  

oh, and turns out henry off the prednisone has reverted back to some bratty puppy ways, i guess it really was making him sluggish.  also his appetite? WAY less.  so much that he's now leisurely eating his breakfast and dinner. so we can finally reduce his food a bit since they said he's heavy (insult to injury).

anyway tonight i drove from work straight to the vet derm's office for the second round of meds before his test, which took almost 1.5 hours.  does this dog owe me or what?  he's currently sleeping ON my feet so i guess he's trying to make up for it by being adorable.  although we're starting to think he needs a part time job for all this pricey medicine he's on.  i keep seeing bloodhounds all over tv commercials lately...  maybe hen missed his calling.

while i was paying i had to ask the receptionist (because of the fish silhouette on their sign and business card), 'so, fish?  is it like fish with skin... i mean, scale... problems?? ::chuckles::  receptionist:  oh yes, he sees sick fish.  

i mean, not to be insensitive to fish owners, but seriously who knew?! 

other updates, it snowed this morning!  just flurries but super exciting!  i'm feeling the christmas spirit already...or maybe that's the countdown to cyber monday on my company's website.. either way!

oh, and i went to a blogger meet-up at terrain in october and met some fun new bloggers, and got to hang with my blogger pal becky again (who is pregnant and looking totally adorable!).  but i didn't take pics.  so, you can read katherine's post or marisa's post though if you're curious. 



  1. Poor Hen! I hope he's feeling much better by the time December rolls around. Sending a prayer (and hug) from one crazy dog lady to another! Also, fish dermatology? What the..?!

  2. Oh man I hope December brings some answers for Henry. And yes, I've seen so many bloodhounds on tv lately!

  3. Poor guy! That sounds so uncomfortable for him. Hope he gets back to tip-top shape real soon! So nice meeting you at the meet-up! Definitely hope we get to do another one sooner than later :-)