Wednesday, October 16, 2013

is instagram the new blogging? (maybe)

[enough with the pictures, MOM]

i feel like i am such a blog slacker these days, but i'm always blowing up instagram with pictures every single day. instagram is like having your own mini blog.  short paragraphs to accompany pictures. it's much faster to throw a picture up then to post an entire blog post. which works perfectly for me.  does that make me lazy?  (don't answer that).  i rarely even use facebook that much anymore, just to wish happy birthday to people that i probably wouldn't text/call, or to see if there have been any engagement or baby announcements!   i don't even have a facebook page for my blog ::gasp!::  

so, what's new?  well henry has a doggie dermatologist appointment tomorrow, we're hoping he has answers so hen can feel better and we can stop hemorrhaging money on his pricey meds.  we've waited 6 long weeks for this appointment, longer than it took me to get a human dermatologist appointment!  and henry has to FAST after midnight tonight - in case they want to do allergy testing at the 3pm appointment.  making a dog who is on a steady dose of prednisone fast?  our pantry door and i may not make it to 3pm tomorrow alive.  god help us all!  

anyone have experience with a derm for your dog?  don't think i don't know how crazy it sounds, i do.  but it's our last hope!  nothing else has worked and multiple vets at the large 24/7 office that we frequent several times a month can't figure it out.  so, here we are.



  1. A) Sully said "Why are his eyes so droopy? Can we get one?" And then we proceeded to discuss Walter with a puppy bloodhound and how he would be in charge. And then, when it's older and huge it'll still follow wal around and think he's in charge.

    B) Prednisone + Fasting = Super Hangry. Take it from personal experience. Watch your arms or he'll eat them off. Or the cat. Walter would lose his shit and howl all day long if he had to fast for that long. (He howls at 5 am for breakfast while we sleep...obviously prepping us for children one day)

  2. Sometimes my twitter is my blog... even though I already blogged that day. Ugh. I am utterly obsessed. LOL!

  3. IG is totally the new version of blogging. If it's not it's the easiest version. Lots of hugs for Henry!

  4. Totally agree about IG. It is just so much easier to keep up with. Hope the derm appointment went ok!

  5. Hope Hen's appointment went okay and you guys are on a path to some answers!

  6. I'm waaayy bad at blogging since Insta.

    Our dog has major allergies and is doped up on Benadryl & Prednisone for basically ever. Waahh.

  7. I definitely blog less since instragram entered my life! It's so quick and accessible. But I still like blogging for those long cleansing writing episodes. And as motivation to pick up my "real" camera. :)

  8. I love instagram. I find myself blogging more since instagram.

    Hen is so cute!!

  9. totally feel ya on the IG! if i blog once a week, i pat myself on the back. but i post photos of my cats and meals on the reg! good luck with the handsome boy!