Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Party Planning..

We're having a 30th birthday party this weekend for Tim.  It's the first real party we're hosting at our house, and I definitely feel rusty as a hostess.  Also, there's nothing like an impending party to spur you into hanging stuff on the walls.  We started the gallery wall that I've been talking about since this post.  We only have 6 things up on the wall but I love it already, I can't wait to add more to it. 
[blurry lurking in the dining room instagram pic]

And Tim drilled holes in my cork board and hung it up for me, so now my necklaces have a pretty new home.  As a result this conversation happened:

Tim (as he drills holes): "Is this a pinterest thing I'm doing right now?"
Me: "......maaaybe"

Then I did other not so fun things like scrub the floors and clean the bathrooms.  I'm sure I'm have a mini freak out on Saturday before everyone arrives, let's just pray that Henry will be on his best BEST behavior.  We have big plans to tire him out with a puppy play date and then a walk before the party, fingers crossed he falls asleep in a corner somewhere.

So if you need me I'll be here menu planning and furiously cleaning my house while a slobbering bloodhound follows me around dirtying (is this a word)?) everything up behind me.



  1. The wall looks great! I've been meaning to do something that like above my kitchen table, but haven't.

    Good luck with the party! Can't wait to see pictures :)

  2. I feel ya. I'm a clean freak before people come over and my main goal is to tire my pups before everyone comes! But it always ends up working out. Relax and enjoy!

  3. Loving that idea of displaying your jewelry :) Good luck on hostessing!

  4. Play date is a great idea for Henry! I hear ya on the slobber, though Im sure Floyd's isn't as bad but it's a never ending battle. Have funnn!

  5. The framed cork board looks gorgeous!xxx

    ps. This is my blog:

  6. haha, love the conversation! guys, huh?