Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine's for Him

Valentine's is approaching quickly, I can't believe January went by so fast!  It's always so hard to find good valentine's day gifts for guys.  I see those whiskey stones EVERYWHERE, but I bought those for Tim about 3 years ago before they were even cool.  What now?!  

Here's a few things I picked out that he might like
(in all seriousness I will not be buying him a $185 blueprint of our dog's breed.)
shark socks because we love Shark Week (who doesn't?!) / case for his new kindle fire / the Wombats on vinyl /  blueprint of our dog's breed (they have a bloodhound print!)/ beer making kit
Do you exchange gifts for Valentine's Day?  If so, what are you getting your Valentine?


  1. I LOVE that doggie blue print! So getting that for my hubs!

  2. That is cool that they do those dog blueprints, but you're right, they're spendy. I still haven't decided what to get my husband.

  3. I bought E a beer making kit for Christmas and he loved it. He's been enjoying his first homemade batch. The Uncommon Goods website always has good deals on them.

  4. these are so awesome! I love the shark socks, my husband would go crazy for those!

  5. Good ideas! I am buying my husband cozy slippers this year because his are old and ratty. Deciding between Uggs and LLBean slippers.

  6. Those shark socks are killer! <-- See what I sorta did there ;)

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