Sunday, October 28, 2012

Peanut M&Ms and Hurricanes..

As first time homeowners all this hurricane hype has us pretty nervous...good thing we have an enormous bowl of candy just in case we run out of food. 
In all seriousness it's a little nerve wracking, because our basement is finished and our sump pump runs fairly often when it rains.  They're calling for crazy wind and rain, and the potential to be without power for days, maybe weeks.  I know that's the worst case scenario, but it's still scary to hear, especially because we don't have a generator. 

I did take some time to throw some fall decorations on the dining room table. And we finally got around to hanging a few things on the wall.   Nothing like a Hurricane to get the house in order.
[that kitchen wallpaper border came with the house. just so you know.]

Oh, and I made Tim promise that if we lose power for two or more days we can eat our wedding cake early.  I mean, a girl's gotta have her priorities straight.

I hope everyone stays safe, and this storm is not as bad as they are anticipating.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Teething.. (when will it end?!)

[excuse the blurry instagram, we threw the tooth out or I'd take a better pic]
“Teething” has seemed like a random theory for Henry’s biting, but we finally have some proof that he really IS teething!  Either that or we’re living with a tiny shark, which doesn’t seem too far from the truth.    This enormous tooth was just laying on the carpet, and I thought it was a piece of plastic at first.  Also he's been bleeding all over his squeaky toys so we know a few have fallen out.  Luckily our beige rugs (good idea, previous owners) have remained unscathed (so far). 

I've been slacking on my weekly series.  Henry is now 6 months, and close to 70lbs (he was 62.8 about 2 weeks ago at the vet).   He is definitely Jekyll & Hyde (as my mom says), perfect & sweet one minute - and a totally crazy biting/humping/jumping machine the next.  We're hoping that getting him fixed sometime in the new couple of weeks will calm him down a bit.  It's definitely just puppy behavior, but seems worse when it's a 70lb puppy.  He's also tall enough to counter surf.  He jumps up and everything is fair game.  So our counters have been pretty bare lately.  And, right now, we have him gated in our family room and kitchen.  But I'm a little terrified for when we actually start eating at the dining room table aka right at head level for him.  
Tim was away in TX for a work conference a few weeks back and both my parents and my in-laws invited me for dinner.  Which was really sweet - or possibly a hint that they're worried I'd just eat cereal while he was gone?  Either way.  Anyways, my parents have a dog so there was some distraction there.  That went okay - not great - but not awful.  Tim's parents do not have a dog - though luckily they had baby gates from their previous dog.  It was like hurricane Henry.  If he wasn't trying to eat their plants he was jumping on the kitchen table with both paws to put his face in my mother-in-law's coffee mug.   I was basically chasing him with every toy/bone we have trying to distract.  Also, it was raining and their yard is not fenced.  So, yeah - you get the idea.   I've revoked his dinner privileges until he's about 2. Then we'll give it another go.   My in-laws said it wasn't that bad and that they just felt bad for me because I couldn't sit down the whole time. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

a day at the park..

Every weekend we take Henry to a park on Saturday and Sunday.  We try to mix it up and go different places since the obedience trainer said that new smells tire dogs out more than just walking the same old route around the neighborhood.  It works out perfectly because Henry LOVES the car and going to the park, and then he's so tired he sleeps all day so we can get work done around the house afterwards.  It's a win-win all around.

I brought my camera along, and took a few pictures of the changing leaves.  My photography class is this coming Friday, and I can't wait.  I'm hoping that it really clicks for me (ahem, pun intended), and that my pictures improve a lot. 
[we call this his 'bro' or 'manzeer']

["did you just take my picture?"]

Besides admiring leaves I've been drinking pumpkin coffee, making pumpkin bread, and planning on pumpkin patch dates & scarecrow viewing.  Fall is my favorite, I mean seriously how can you like any other season more than fall? Just not possible. ;)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

fall basics

fall basics
J.Crew j crew / J.Crew slim fit tee / J Brand low rise jeans / Flat shoes, $37 / ALDO bag / MICHAEL Michael Kors chronograph watch / Kate Spade jewelry

I'm definitely in need of some new fall basics this year. I even spent a good portion of the day cleaning out my closet to donate some items that I don't wear anymore, and make room for some new fall clothes. So, I'm obviously ready for a shopping spree.

Stripes. I am a total sucker for stripes, and even better if they're in t-shirt form. J.Crew always has the best basics. I'll definitely be adding a few striped shirts to my fall wardrobe.

Neutral purse. I've been carrying the same pink leather purse from Urban for the last year or so. I am in definite need of a change. I need a nice neutral brown leather bag. I'm really picky when it comes to purses, it needs to be just right.

Dark jeans. I could always use some new dark skinnies. Especially since our puppy is slowly but surely ripping holes in most of my pants. This teething is really taking a toll on my clothing.

Rose Gold Watch. I've been wanting a rose gold Marc Jacobs watch for a while now. I keep meaning to check out the outlet near work. I haven't been that into watches in the past, but lately I've been thinking they are a pretty classic piece.

Cute flats. Self explanatory. Who doesn't need some new cute flats? I'm always running around at work, so I tend to gravitate towards flats over heels.

Bangles. I'm loving gold lately, I never thought I would say that, but Kate Spade has the cutest bangles.

Now, if only if I can convince my husband that I need all these things. A girl's gotta have new clothes for a new season, right? Right!