Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekly Series: 19 weeks

[I can't stop laughing at the ridiculousness of this comparison]
Age: 19 weeks

Weight: 57 lbs (!!)

Likes: People, always.  New squeaky toys and friends/family who bring bring you presents.  Riding in the car.  We're not sure you even like the park that much (other dogs are there, the horror!), but you LOVE the car!   Having your ears rubbed.  When we hold your bone for you (ahem, spoiled).

Dislikes: When we wipe your face with a drool towel.  Tiny barking dogs who scare you on our walks.  When you try to eat a rock but we take it from you.  Getting on the scale at the vet.

Our puppy doesn't seem so puppy-like anymore!  He's hovering just under 60lbs, and is taller than a lot of dogs we know.  The biting has improved slightly, and his teeth seem to be coming in more and more.  The vet said we can get him fixed whenever all his adult teeth come in (so hopefully slightly sooner than 6 months, since he's so big).  We took him to a park yesterday morning for a huge (1.5 hour!) walk and he was an angel all day afterwards, so we're learning that LOTS of exercise means less biting. 


Friday, September 21, 2012

Sunrise, Sunset, Sunrise, Sunset...

Is that Bright Eyes song stuck in your head now?  Good, me too.  I may complain from time to time about getting up super early for the puppy, but I have to say it's made me really slow down my mornings.  On a normal day, pre-puppy, I would probably rush around like maniac and not even head outside until I was on my way to the car with my coffee, laptop bag, purse, etc.  Now I'm up early (well, Tim and I alternate) and head outside with the pup to see pretty skies like these.   Not too shabby.  Makes the early wakeup seem pretty worthwhile. 

And then there's sunset walks.  Normally I would be checking my phone (bad habit, I know!), but thanks to a puppy who needs constant direction I am pretty focused on our walks.  I took this picture at the park tonight.  It's pretty rare when I take an instagram and don't use filters.  Plus we're meeting lots of other nice dogwalkers around town and getting the scoop on local parks.  It's nice to be in the dog owner's club now. 

Without this guy, these pictures might not have happened.  I'm not totally oblivious to sunsets, but in the past I wouldn't have been at the park on a Friday night :)

I just finished baking some chocolate chip pumpkin bread, SO good!  I found the recipe here.  My mom, sister, and niece are coming over tomorrow for pumpkin bread and coffee, then off to do some shopping.  Should be a fun day.  Happy Weekend to you!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rainy Tuesday..

what a rainy gross tuesday it was today.  i've been dreaming of boots, sweaters, and everything pumpkin.  rainy weather does not fit into my fall hopes and dreams..

i've been slacking on posting lately.  hopefully an adorable picture of my niece eating a remote control will make up for it?  i promise i'll be back to posting soon.  we had a whirlwind weekend, where we went to the shore and back in 24 hours.  so i'm still feeling a little tired. 


Tuesday, September 11, 2012



I still remember being a freshman in college, in Lancaster, Pa.  Waking up in my dorm room and finding an IM from my sister to turn on the news immediately.  I turned the news on, and opened my door to find my neighbors gathered around their TVs watching in silence.  Classes had not yet been canceled, even as the second plane hit.  My roommate had just come back from class and we had an 11am history class together.  We watched the news together, called our families, and talked with our neighbors.  I remember asking my mom if I should come home, worried that it wasn't safe where I was.  After all I'd only been away from home for a few weeks at the time.   My mom reassured me that everything would be fine, and that I should stay put.  My roommate and I decided to make our way to class, not knowing what else to do.  Our professor (one of my very favorites) told us that in lieu of class we were going to watch the news together and talk about what was happening, because as he put it, what was happening now was more a part of our own history then anything he could teach us that day.  Every year on this day I think of those who lost their lives from these vicious attacks, those emergency responders who risked everything for others, and the way our country united in the face of such tragedy.  My heart goes out to those who lost a loved one on this day 11 years ago.  Never forget.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Life Lately..

How did I just find out about this Blood Orange San Pellegrino?  I live under a rock apparently.  Best drink ever, and also cutest packaging, right?  I'm a sucker for packaging. You hear that marketing companies?  I will buy anything and everything, as long as it looks cool. 

Our poor front porch has an awkward space where chairs or a bench would fit perfectly.  In fact I think we're the only house in the neighborhood without something on our puny little porch.  Cut us a break though, we've only been here SIX months, what's the rush? ;)  We really went to Lowes to scope out end of the summer patio furniture deals (their selection was PRETTY bare), but I did see these lovely rocking chairs.  I think two of these bad boys might be in our future.  In the meantime we bought one lightswitch plate and 2 under the sink organizers.  Exciting times.

Is there a Target Shoppers Anonymous?  I think I'm there at least twice a week.  I feel like shopping for clothes at Target seems like I'm really saving money, since it's fairly reasonable there.  It's a twisted shopper's logic I have going on over here, but can you blame me?  Look at these cute shoes I got there!  $24!  I mean, come on. 
(note: henry ripped a hole in these pants just hours after this pic was taken. RIP perfect grey jeans.  i will still wear you around the house.)

Speaking of our poster-child of a puppy, we have to buy his food here now.  The tractor store.  Pretty sure I do NOT fit in there in my leopard flats buying my large breed puppy dog food.  I tried to snap this picture inconspicuously while men outside looked at rototillers.  Nothing to see here just a girl in leopard flats buying some large breed puppy food.  Go about your business, farmers. 

Oh instagram, what would I do without you?  (probably take less pictures of my food that's for damn sure).


Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekly Series: 17 weeks

get that camera outta my face, woman. 

Age: 17 weeks

Weight: Probably 47-50 lbs (we'll find out at the vet this week or next!)

Likes: Trying to eat rocks, Blue Buffalo Turkey bites, your new squeaky ball (or anything with a squeaky)
Dislikes:  the vacuum and broom - basically any floor cleaning tool.  other dogs barking at you.  having your picture taken (you hate the click).

Claim to fame: Taller than the average couch cushion.  Kicks every ball under the couch like he's a soccer player.

You are 75% less itchy as of the last 2 days!  It's a huge relief, we're not sure if it's the 3 meds you're on, the change in food, or if you really did have fleas before the flea bath/pill.  Either way we are happy.  Hopefully the itch stays away once we wean you off the meds.

You're still biting us a TON.  Our arms are looking pretty terrible.  You won't be distracted when you're in bite mode.  The trainer recommended giving you a 'time out' in your crate, BUT she said we have to get you in there without dragging you there.  So this results in a treat, which I'm not sure if that sends the 'stop biting us' message.  :)

You're getting super tall, but are still super clumsy & adorable.