Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympics: All Day, Every Day

There is a whole lotta Olympics-watching going on over here in the Hager household.  We can't control overselves.  We may or may not have all the channel numbers that are showing Olympic coverage written on a piece of scrap paper on our coffee table (photographic proof above) somehow this seems quicker than using the guide.  Yes, we're pretty legit.  Someone*, I won't mention any names, was even cheering for archery the other day. ARCHERY.  I'm just saying, we're pretty into it - even sports we didn't know existed.  Like speed walking?  I'm not even sure if that's one word or two, but I sure did enjoy Matt Lauer and Al Roker speed walking on the Today show the other morning.

The real question is, who will win out tonight women's gymnastics and men's swimming? or Teen Mom? Only time will tell. (Thank god for DVR.)



Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weekly (Bi-Weekly?) Series: 12 Weeks

I know, I know. I said I would make this a weekly series, but somehow I missed a week already.  I promise to do better.  So, without further ado - watch our pup grow!

Age: 12 weeks

Likes:  Still loving Mr. Nibbles, you can't quit that deer.  He's your go-to toy.  Bones for about 5 minutes then you get bored.  The area rug by the backdoor, if you could bite that thing all day every day you'd be in heaven.  Crunchy leaves, always.  Your new (very manly) cheetah bo-bo toy.

Dislikes: Leaving our front yard for a walk. Still hate those dogs next door, they terrify you.  Being corrected when you bite us. 

Weight:  28.2 lbs !!!  You doubled in weight since you were at the vet three weeks ago.  I know everything we've read says you'll grow 5lbs a week, but it's still shocking. 

Incidents:  Went to the vet last night, and you had a terrible reaction to a shot.  It involved huge facial rock-hard swelling and a rush return trip to the vet.  SCARY.  they had to give you an IV of something and a shot of benadryl.  we were pretty scared, and lucky you didn't stop breathing.

We're still riding this biting thing out, and hoping it really is a 'phase'.  But we love you so much nontheless.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Hair Flashback..

I was searching through some pictures on my computer earlier today, and was totally shocked at how dark my natural hair color was (well, technically 'is' ...it's not like my natural color isn't brown anymore).  I went red almost two years ago, thanks to my talented stylist, who also happens to be my best friend.  I feel like this color is much more "me".  Who knows though, maybe I'll go back to my natural brunette sometime.  I always get the itch to go darker once fall weather rolls around.  Something about the crisp fall air, scraves, boots, and sweaters makes dark hair seem like the thing to do.

Just for fun I thought I'd throw some pics up of the before and after colors.  Which do you like best?  I really want to go red ombre, with red hair + blonde at the tips.  So that will most likely be my next hair adventure.
[ summer tan + right after getting my hair keratin straightened, even i'm shocked at how straight it is.]
[natural curls + some highlights, a month or so after we got engaged - hence the love quotes book] 
[nyc subway ride to the phils game @ mets (don't worry i changed into my phillies shirt)]
Faux Redhead
[wedding, duh]
[hair matches pumpkin? check.]
 [typical floating headshot, ignore the bobby pin.] 
[these redhead pics are misleading, i wear my hair curly more often than not]

So, I have a plan to take tons of pictures this weekend in the hopes that I get one or two new ones that I like for the blog.  I'm hoping to update things around here very soon.  And don't think I won't exploit that adorable puppy of mine.  You can expect to see him on a blog button or two.  No shame.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

10 Weeks..

(so much for getting him to sit in the same spot each week)

You'll have to cut me some slack, lately our lives revovle around this little pup.  I promise I'll get back to posting regular non-dog related posts soon.  But today is not that day.

Age: 10 weeks

Likes: Milkbone puppy bones.  your toy deer, Mr Nibbles.  Anyone who will pet you.   

Dislikes: Bitter Apple Spray.  The leash.  The neighbor dogs barking at you. 

Weight: Probably 20+ lbs now, we will find out at the vet next week.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Time Management ...

This whole having, and (attempts at) training, a puppy thing is all-consuming.  Tim and I are alternating waking up early so Henry has time out of the crate before we head off to work (and also because we're not sure how long he can hold his pee overnight - we don't hear him whine, we just set our alarms). 

So, basically our day goes like this:

6:00am: One of us wakes up and let's the pup out.  Feed him.  While he's eating run upstairs to feed the cat - don't dilly dally or he'll start chewing something he shouldn't.   Take him out again.  Play.  Make the Cesar Millan "tssssst" noise to correct him when he bites about 25 times.  Also try to eat breakfast without letting him eat the couch.

7:00am: Switch!  Whoever woke up second is now showered and takes over.   Play Time.

8:00am: Put Henry out one more time, give him a treat and put him in the crate.

12:30pm:  Either my bff, Tim's sister, or Tim's dad stops by to let him out and play with him (yes, every day of the week.  our friends/family are the best.)

5:45pm-6:00pm: Tim gets home.  Lets Henry out and feeds him.    Play time.

6:30-6:45pm:  I arrive home.  One of us works out while the other takes Henry on a walk.

7:30pm: Switch!  Whoever worked out first now makes dinner, while the other person works out.  (sidenote: Tim works out four days a week, I am lucky if I do three).

8:30pm: Eat dinner...alternating jumping up to correct the dog.

9:00pm: Do dishes.  Take turns showering.

9:30-11pm:  Play time.  More nipping/chewing. 

11pm-12am:  Put him out and then in his crate for the night. 

12am-6am: SLEEP

6am:  REPEAT

I feel like I am being a super wuss about our schedule, but I think it's mostly the biting that's getting to me.  Clearly my energy is not calm or assertive.  Thanks for nothing, Cesar.  Henry has a ton of chew toys, and Friday the "Chilly" Bone arrives.  A friend of mine suggested we try that, it's a canvas bone that you freeze. Here's hoping it helps.  Teething is exhausting! 

Good thing he's so damn cute.  I love him a lot, I just can't wait until he's out of this teething stage! Please someone (ANYONE!) tell me it'll be over soon! :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Comment Mystery?

Okay, all my blogger comments seem to disappear lately...like 85% of them appear, then disappear when I refresh the page.  I know blog owners are receiving them because I've gotten email responses, but what the heck.   Clearly I'm a rookie here...anyone know what I'm doing wrong?    Google was no help.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

This Just Happened...

So, you know those mommy blogs that post pics of their baby in the same spot every month to show how big they're getting?  Everyone loves those, right?  What if I did that with my puppy?  Obsessed dog mom?  Maybe a little.  But how can you say no to this face? 
Also, anyone with tips on helping with puppy nipping/biting/chewing - please send them my way.  We have a rebellious puppy on our hands, mostly late at night when he's tired.  But we really can't take our eyes off him for a second, and are fearing for our brand new couches.

p.s. henry is supposed to grow at the rate of about 5lbs per week...topping out around 100-140 lbs (approximately).  so, this may become a weekly series to chart the astoundingly fast growth of our monster pup.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Style Me Pretty Feature..

We got featured on Style Me Pretty's 'Little Black Book' blog today!  Our photographers submitted us, and it was really neat to see our faces on one of my fave wedding blogs.  Check it out here!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


introducing....henry halifax hager.  the new love of our lives. 

he's here, and we adore him.  he's currently sleeping on an a.c. vent (what a smarty pants already) so i have a minute to blog..

we waited at the airport next to another group of people who were waiting for their wheaten terrier puppy, they were helping a friend surprise his wife with a pup.  well, turned out henry was the only pup on the flight.  i felt so bad, i'm not sure if their pup missed the flight or what.  the airline gave them a 1-800 number to call.   my mom thought she heard them say only 1 dog per flight.  hopefully their dog arrives!

oh, and note to others having a dog shipped. the cage will be shut with zip ties on all four corners of the door. some new TSA policy. and the aiport will NOT lend you scissors.  poor guy.  luckily it was a 25 minute ride home, and he peed in the cage so we knew he didn't have to go.  we also were able to pour water into his attached bowl. 

now he's here and he has the prettiest green eyes, not sure if they will stay green though.  i'll be taking a LOT of pictures in the mean time. 


Sunday, July 1, 2012

2.5 Days...

photo credit: Patricia Finch
it seems like we've been waiting for a while now.  but we're finally just 2.5 days away fromTHIS guy arriving.  we cannot wait!  i'm picking up some last minute supplies today from PetSmart, and then we'll be all ready for him.  i'm practicing not squealing at his completely adorable little face.  it's going to be really hard.  calm assertive energy, right, Cesar? ;)