Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wine & Cheese

We're celebrating my birthday today (it's really Monday) with a wine & cheese class in the city, that I bought Tim for his birthday (oops!)  We never got to go back in Feb, then March was all about the wedding & honeymoon.  So, we finally get to go today. I'm pretty excited - hopefully we are fancypants enough for it.   I'm trying to remember every bit of wine etiquette I've ever heard - which is mostly limited to etiquette posts on A Cup of Jo.   We're also going to dinner at our favorite restaurant in the Italian Market - I can't wait.

Also, update on the cookies, the verdict was they are AMAZING.  Not that I'm tooting my own horn (toot toot), but everyone at the party was raving.  I'd say it was a smashing success, which is good considering 2 of the 8 avocados I bought were not ripe, resulting in the smallest bowl of GUAC ever.

What are you up to this weekend?  Drinking wine & eating cheese too?  Have a good one. 


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Patience is a Virtue..

I will be honest I haven't baked since Christmas.  This may be partially due to the incident we will refer to as 'chocolate soup incident'.  There were tears and I'm pretty sure the bottom of the oven (my parent's oven, sorry Mom!) will never be the same.  So, when I saw this recipe over here for chocolate chip cookies I thought I'd give it a try.  I mean, the title "The Only Chocolate Chip Cookie I Will Ever Need to Know How to Make For The Rest of My Life"?  Sounds pretty awesome if you ask me. 

And Tim's always saying I pick the most complicated recipes (it's true) , so I thought I'd give simple chocolate chip cookies a whirl.  The only issue with these is you have to be patient...not exactly my strong suit.  The recommended wait time for refrigerating the dough is 36 hours. 36 HOURS, people.  1.5 DAYS.  Too bad the party I'm bringing them to is on Friday night, soooo 24 hours will have to be good enough.  If they suck I'll know those extra 12 hours made a big difference.  Anyways.  The dough is chilling in the fridge, so we'll see what the verdict on Friday.

In other news the litter that we were expecting to get a puppy from turned out to be a false pregnancy.  I didn't even know that could happen.  The dog has pregnancy symptoms, but is not actually pregnant.  I'm sad for the mother dog, who thought she was preggo, how distressing.  And also sad for us since we thought we'd be picking out a puppy this week or next.  I guess we'll wait it out a bit, maybe now wasn't the right time. SIGH.    Cookies + a depressing dog story, bet you didn't expect that! ;)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Post-Wedding Post..

            Image by Sanderson Images

           Posting more wedding pics and a little advice over here today...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend Life..

What a busy weekend.  This whole homeownership thing is no joke.  I almost think the weekdays are more relaxing than our weekends, but we are definitely having a lot of fun making it our own.

Friday night we had a friend's surprise 30th birthday, so I decided to make my hair a little fancy.  I hadn't done the whole curl my hair thing in a while, so thought I would give this tutorial a whirl.  The ironic thing is that my hair is naturally curly, ha.  But I prefer how it looks when I straighten it, then recurl it so it's a more loose wave.  Basically I'm a little crazy.  The only real difference between that tutorial and the way I normally curl my hair is the addition of dry shampoo.  I'm not entirely convinced I liked it, but it was worth a shot.  Tim got to be my lovely photographer.  Here is a shot of me pre-curls, ignore my dorky poses.  Also, this picture is a good example of how thick my hair is - it looks pretty crazy here.

And here I am post-hair-curling-tutorial.

I prefer the curls.

Tim built a kitchen island that we ordered from Amazon on Saturday, and tonight we ran down to IKEA for some bar stools. They don't match perfectly, but we're pretty happy with them. 

I also made french toast from this recipe, and I have to say they are not kidding about challah bread.  ALL THE DIFFERENCE.  It was pretty darn amazing if I do say so myself, and a small contribution to our household since Tim has been cooking almost every single meal.  Oops!  I get home later than him, so he's been cooking every night.  I just do the dishes, it's kind of the best deal ever.  He's good at this whole husband thing.

Here's the french toast in all it's glory.

 This tutorial is next on my list, I bought the plant pots and spray paint already :)

How was your weekend? Following any blog tutorials like me?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Everything in it's right place...

Our bedroom furniture arrived yesterday, and BOY do I love it!  It's funny how something simple like a dresser full of neatly folded clothes can make you feel inspired and organized all at once.  It was really like a breath of fresh air (oh wait, maybe that was just the weather?).  In any case, we finally got all the boxes out of our bedroom - and it is SUCH an improvement.  Also to be noted: we are not sharing dressers.  I think maybe individual dressers is the key to marital bliss. We won't talk about the state the other two bedrooms are in, one room at a time.

I'm having a blast thinking up color schemes and decor in general for the house.  It's kind of my new project now that the wedding planning is done, which is a good thing since I have all this extra time on my hands now.   I'm definitely feeling inspired to start all the creative projects I've been putting off.  I bought a fancy notebook where I'm making lists, because what's more satisifying then checking something off your to-do list? (Answer: not much)

So, on to my to-do's for the next few months: 

Run a 5k.  I signed up for a run in Philly in July -  now on to starting the 'couch to 5k program'!  I have never been a good runner to say the least - so I need to stay motivated on this one.  I would love to become a runner and get fit for summer, and in general.  This 5K will hopefully be the motivation I need!  Can't be embarassing myself.

Dress like a Grown-up.  My work, while being a corporate office, is VERY casual in terms of dress code.  I basically wear a different variation on skinny jeans, v-neck t-shirts, and flats daily.  I would love to start dressing more professionally, and not just in t-shirts because I can.  Stay tuned on this one, there may be outfit pics for the blog as proof!  There will however, not be pictures of me running - so you'll have to take my word on that one.

Decorate! I really want to repaint almost all the rooms in the house.  I know we'll have to take it slow  (paint is NOT cheap) but I have big plans.  I'd love to get most rooms painted in the next few months, or at least take down all the borders in the house.  The previous owners really like their borders - oh, and "fancy" (read: tacky) lightswitch plates.  Luckily those are easy enough fixes.  And by "easy" I mean I almost cried taking the border down in our tiny laundry room.  MAN is that stuff hard to get off, torture. 

Get a Puppy! (Bonus Points for Training it!)  I have wanted a puppy of my very own for ohhhh the last 5 years or so (at least).  And my birthday is coming up at the end of this month, plus there is a litter of puppies that will be born any day now - I may have already contacted the breeder*.  Don't worry I've got my eye on this situation.  The puppies would be ready for homes in mid-June.  I am crossing all my fingers and toes that Tim will agree to this :)

So there we go, some goals on paper (and the internet) to keep me focused and on track.  What are your goals?  Does new furniture inspire you too? No? Just me?  


*and by 'may have' I mean I definitely did.  Also, while we would love to rescue a dog (and commend anyone who chooses that route) we have to consider our cat who has had a traumatic experience with my parent's rescue (hunting) dog.  We decided a puppy without an unknown past was the best bet for us with our tiny cat who is very scared of dogs.  Any tips on introducing dogs & cats are welcome :) 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Triumphant Return!

Hello, blog world!  I'm baaaack!  The wedding was even better than I'd hoped for, it couldn't have gone better!  Our vendors were AH-MAZING - please indulge me while I brag about them a bit.  Our florist did SUCH an amazing job on our flowers - they were absolutely stunning.  Our day-of coordinator made everything so seamless, we didn't have to worry about a thing.  Our dj was amazing, his mixes had our guests dancing the night away.   Our venue was so accomodating - everything was taken care of, and then some.   And last, but not least, our amazing photographers.  They were more like friends on the day of, we had such a fun time with them!  They even played pre-ceremony and ceremony pics in a slideshow during the reception.  We only have a sneak peek of their pictures and I already am in love.  I can't wait to see the rest!    Here's a couple from our first look to tide you over. 

And one in color, just for good measure.

Photos by Sanderson Images

Oh, and the honeymoon was pretty darn amazing also.  I will take a week in the caribbean with my husband any day.  Yes, "my husband", it has a pretty nice ring to it, doesn't it? 

Now I'm back at work and coming down from the clouds.  My new part-time job is changing my name (and finishing changing my address, oops.)  What a painful process!  At least I'll probably get a new picture on my license, so that's a win. 

More pictures to come... :)