Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Move over Thanksgiving..

Christmas lights are already up in our neighborhood.  Did I miss something?  Is it December already?  Don't get me wrong I love Christmas, I just feel like poor Thanksgiving got skipped already.   
I have to admit I didn't do a lot of fall decorating in our house, so hopefully I can redeem myself at Christmas.  I have visions of wrapping garland up our banister and in our doorways just like this.  I also want lots of twinkly white lights, the more the merrier (literally).  White lights always seem romantic, I've never been a big colored lights fan.   

Oh, and we will have a real Christmas tree.   Tim mentioned maybe getting a fake tree, I was horrified.  No way, I need that evergreen smell!  So, I can't wait to pick out the perfect little tree for our first Christmas in this house.  You can bet that slobbery hound dog puppy of ours will not be allowed near it.  He can't be trusted.  Thank goodness for baby gates! 


  1. i didn't decorate much for halloween or fall this year either... also hoping for some redemption when it comes to the christmas decor.

  2. Christmas has been "happening" in my house since last week - not my decision, although the tree(s) do look pretty and we have white lights everywhere.

    But we had to get a fake tree, since it went up so early. I'm not happy about it. At all. I've already told my parents (who live next door) that I'm helping them pick out their real tree.

    I want to see pictures once you decorate!

  3. I'm so excited for Christmas!My husband won't let me decorate til' next week though! I'm a big fan of white lights, but for some reason this year colored lights have been calling my name.

    Thank you for your sweet words on my post Monday!

  4. I'll admit, while I love Thanksgiving, I REALLY love Christmas! Especially decorating for it. I still haven't decorated yet which is definitely the longest I've waited as an adult, haha! Normally the first of November my Christmas tree is proudly sparkling in the living room! ;)

  5. I;m totally with you on needing a real tree!!! It's the whole process of driving to a tree farm, picking out the tree, smelling it in your house...fake trees don't even come close!

  6. We always had a real tree growing up, and there is NOTHING like it. As soon as we get out of our tiny place, it's back to the real deal.