Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Yoga..

I bought a Living Social deal a few weeks back, so I've been going to yoga with my best friend on Monday nights.  Unfortunately Monday is always a super hectic day at work for me, I have more meetings and somehow always end up staying late.  So I'm almost always rushing to class, and I don't have time to stop home so I have to change there.  Frantically rushing and being stressed about getting to class on time probably won't negate all the positive yoga benefits, right?? RIGHT?   

I'm glad to be back to yoga, I always feel way better after class.  And bonus, it also makes me want to eat healthier.  So despite all the rushing around, I think it's worth it. 

Oh, and that move up there?  I cannot do that, in case you were impressed.



  1. i've been wanting to get in to yoga or at least give it a fair shot. you see, i'm NOT flexible at all and i'm nervous about trying it... maybe just maybe i will! xox

  2. I bought a yoga DVD over a year ago that I have yet to try. Everyone I know who has gone to a class or done it at home, loves it.

    You've inspired me to try it!