Tuesday, November 13, 2012


This guy got "fixed" last week.  The vet kept saying "castrate" over and over, I think Henry knew what she meant- he tried to make a run for it.     

Is this neck pillow preventing him from chewing at his stitches, or is he just ready for a nap (or airplane ride) at any moment?  He looks ridiculously adorable in it.  He would probably also float in a pool with no effort.   Yes, that is a reindeer squeaky toy behind him and the tips of his ears are wet from hanging in his water bowl.  I'm glad you asked.



  1. oh my goodness how sweet and sad at the same time. sevilla (my pup) had that same thing and i felt so sorry for her but she looked so cute at the same time too!

  2. Shame, poor little Henry! And it doesn't help much that he already has a droopy face, making him look so sad! I hope you gave him lots of kisses to make the booboo go away. hahaa

  3. I can't even handle how adorable/sad this picture is. His face! I want to hug him :)

    I can't wait until my kitten gets fixed. I hope it calms him down!

  4. Awe poor guy! Bosley goes in for that in December. Doesn't even know its coming... This picture is too cute and he looks MAD/SAD at you.

  5. Aww what a sweet face! So funny that his ears go all the way into his water bowl! HAHAHA how cute!!!!

  6. AWWW poor baby :(

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