Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dining Room Details..

We definitely lucked out in the window treatment department with our house in that the previous owners left all the blinds in the windows and the hardware still in the walls.  While they might not be the exact blinds I'd like they aren't all that bad, and it sure beat having to go out and buy all new ones.   But recently one of the blinds in the dining room broke - so we're in the market for curtains (hooray!).  It's a big double-window, I'm sure the neighbors have loved being able to peer right into our house for the last month or so, but we think it's time to put an end to that.   Here's what our dining room window looks like. 

Which results in me googling things like "how many window panels are needed for a double-window?".   Google told me one on each side of the window should  be okay.  Let's hope that's right, those things are not cheap!  These are the ones we're ordering (with a giftcard that somehow did not burn a hole in my pocket like usual! win!).

 We also finally started hanging things on the wall.  We have Target to thank for this cool tin tree art. I think the cool greens work pretty well with our grey scheme.

I also have big plans for a new chandelier that also involve West Elm (obsessed), but we'll have to wait until after Christmas before making anymore big purchases.  Here's what we're working with. 
And here's the chandelier of my dreams.  Is it pathetic to have a dream chandelier?  I don't care.  West Elm or bust.
Making small changes like adding curtains makes me feel a little better about the fact that our house is a little bit of  a mess right now with everything that was in the basement being in our front room.  It's slowly coming together though, and I'm getting pretty excited about decorating for our first Christmas in this house.


  1. It's frustrating sometimes waiting for things to come together with decorating and all that. I know personally, I just want to go out and buy everything and just have it done, but little steps. Your curtains are going to look great!

  2. When I moved into my house, I had the hardest time picking out curtains. It took weeks, and many, many stores. I still don't love the ones we ended up with, but I do love your choice!

    Can't wait to see everything come together. It's definitely not pathetic to have a dream chandelier. I dream about statement mirrors...

  3. Everything looks so cute already! My husband and I are currently house-hunting and I can't wait for the day when we can finally decorate a place of our own :) xox

  4. We are just now starting to pick up things to decorate our house with. It is going pretty slowly because home decor= really expensive!

    I love the wheat you have as a centerpiece.

  5. Those curtains are awesome - and I've been dreaming of a chandelier like that for the last few weeks! Love the centerpiece on the table!!!!

  6. Your dining room looks gorgeous. And I LOVE that chandelier! I want one for our kitchen, but we are same as you..."after christmas."

  7. Um, I definitely saw that chandy at West Elm on Saturday and told James I HAVE to have it some day. That place is full of my dreams.

    Can we please discuss that I've lived in my apartment for a year and a half and STILL can't find curtains I like enough to buy? I think I might go Amish and sew some with fabric of MY choosing.

  8. You know I just LOVE that chandelier :)