Sunday, October 28, 2012

Peanut M&Ms and Hurricanes..

As first time homeowners all this hurricane hype has us pretty nervous...good thing we have an enormous bowl of candy just in case we run out of food. 
In all seriousness it's a little nerve wracking, because our basement is finished and our sump pump runs fairly often when it rains.  They're calling for crazy wind and rain, and the potential to be without power for days, maybe weeks.  I know that's the worst case scenario, but it's still scary to hear, especially because we don't have a generator. 

I did take some time to throw some fall decorations on the dining room table. And we finally got around to hanging a few things on the wall.   Nothing like a Hurricane to get the house in order.
[that kitchen wallpaper border came with the house. just so you know.]

Oh, and I made Tim promise that if we lose power for two or more days we can eat our wedding cake early.  I mean, a girl's gotta have her priorities straight.

I hope everyone stays safe, and this storm is not as bad as they are anticipating.



  1. good luck with the storm - hopefully it passes through quickly and you stay nice and dry - and eating your wedding cake early may not be a bad thing after all!

  2. I love your fall decorations, it must be a first for me, because I'm not usually one for seasonal decorations.

    Good luck with the hurricane! I was so scared the other day when we had a hailstorm. All of our neighbours lost windows, electric fencing was hit clean off, and sadly I got some reports that pets had to be put to sleep after getting hit on the head. Sorry to be heavy!

  3. i hope you didn't get any damage with sandy and you are safe! i would keep a stash of candy during a storm too you just never know :-)

  4. Praying for you!!! And I love your little table decor- too cute!