Sunday, October 7, 2012

a day at the park..

Every weekend we take Henry to a park on Saturday and Sunday.  We try to mix it up and go different places since the obedience trainer said that new smells tire dogs out more than just walking the same old route around the neighborhood.  It works out perfectly because Henry LOVES the car and going to the park, and then he's so tired he sleeps all day so we can get work done around the house afterwards.  It's a win-win all around.

I brought my camera along, and took a few pictures of the changing leaves.  My photography class is this coming Friday, and I can't wait.  I'm hoping that it really clicks for me (ahem, pun intended), and that my pictures improve a lot. 
[we call this his 'bro' or 'manzeer']

["did you just take my picture?"]

Besides admiring leaves I've been drinking pumpkin coffee, making pumpkin bread, and planning on pumpkin patch dates & scarecrow viewing.  Fall is my favorite, I mean seriously how can you like any other season more than fall? Just not possible. ;)


  1. I can't believe Henry is so big!! So cute!!

  2. I'm so happy you left me a comment on my blog so I could find you. Your blog looks too cute, as are you! Wish you the best of luck with the photography class :) I've been meaning to take one but never get around to do it! College ruins my hobbys :( x

  3. Your dog... Oh my. I love how his skin is literally about to drop to the floor like he's disrobing.

  4. oh that sounds fun :) and your dog is cuuute! love his "attention" post there :)

    have a great weekend!

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

  5. love this! and love the blog! can't wait to read more, girl.

    love, rach.

  6. Wow Ur dog seems to be vr obedient. U must be a great dog owner :))

  7. Oh goodness what a sweet little day :) I must have more of these myself very soon! xoxo

  8. Your dog is absolutely adorable!

    Amanda Rose

  9. Ahhh your doggy is so cute! And I love all the pictures of the fall leaves. I just can't get enough of fall and all the beautiful colors!!