Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend.

Hope you had a great memorial day!  We spent our weekend attending cookouts, eating corn on the cob, weeding our garden, golfing (Tim), and buying stuff for our soon-to-be puppy (me).    Here are a few pics, unfortunately I was too lazy to bust out my real camera, so instagram will have to do.  And a big thank you to all the soldiers past & present for everything they do for our country.

[a flag appeared on our lawn on saturday morning, along with every other house in the neighborhood.  Our HOA?  Or just a good samaritan toting flags? Either way we appreciated the patriotism]

[Scored some new sweet sunglasses at Rue 21 (which is like a Charlotte Russe, i was not that impressed). Except for these lavendar shades with mint arms, for $6!]

[I may have gone a little overboad at PetSmart. But hey, puppies need a lot of stuff, right? Right.]

 [I also baked some pretty delicious cookies, they turned out darn good if I do say so myself (and I do).]

Hope you had a fun weekend!  Now I"m off to relax, and find out what this new mini-series Hatfields & McCoys is all about.



  1. So happy I stumbled upon your blog! I love your candid pictures! Following your blog my dear! Hope you can visit and follow back!

    Best wishes and I'm looking forward to your future posts!


  2. Love your sunnies! And the fact that you went all out for your pup.. because I've been guilty of doing the same! xo

    1. glad i'm not alone, it's hard to resist buying so much cute stuff for them! :)