Sunday, March 25, 2012

Last Whirl As An Irish Girl!

Okay, so I'll still be an Irish girl, but after Friday (or whenever I get around to the paperwork) I'll have a new german last name.  My lovely bridesmaids took me to D.C. for St. Patty's Day weekend and we had such an awesome time.  Clearly it involved $5 v-neck t-shirts from Target (our fav), with the slogan 'Kate O'Hara's Last Whirl As An Irish Girl".   They also got me a birdcage veil from Spencer's that at least 5 ppl at the bars asked me if it was my real headpiece (HA).  Yep, I generally like to do car bombs and drink light beer while wearing my wedding gear (not)  - oh, and  it also said "bride" on it, so I'll assume these people were just drunk.  Don't mind the asset tag on my phone (I need a phone cover).

But really, my friends rule- they are kind of the best.  Clearly I had to take pictures of my outfits - by myself, in the mirror, that's how I roll.  And how else does an Irish girl celebrate St. Patty's day, but in head to toe green?  There is no other way.  (Note: I could have asked my bridesmaid sitting right behind me to take the pic, but nahhhh.)

I know I've slacking on blogging lately, and might not be back here until I'm married - since that's ohhh FOUR DAYS from now.  So, peace out bitches.  See ya after I'm back from ANTIGUA!   :) 



  1. Woohoo, happy almost wedding.