Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Retail Therapy..

So bright spring clothes are hitting stores/websites everywhere and I'm just itching to do some honeymoon/spring clothes shopping.  You know what gets in the way of that? BUYING A HOUSE. 

We are thisclose to getting a place, just waiting on the appraisal (which has to be equal to the loan amount)...if all goes as planned we could be settling on the house as soon as 3/9.  So here's hoping things go our way, even if it means I can't buy a whole new spring wardrobe!  Although I did pick up a cute pair of coral skinnies from Target.  Look out, Antigua!  I'm coming for you in my bright pants!

Let's pretend I have unlimited funds though.  I'd buy cute striped cardigans from J. Crew, casual summery dresses, a straw hat, and some cute cover-ups like the one above.  Check out more of my picks over here at Engaged & Inspired.

In other news, we are just 39 days from the wedding, and we are checking things off the list left and right.  Time is flying - and we're just trying to get it all done (and enjoy it!)


  1. Good luck with the house! Buying a home can be totally overwhelming.
    I love that cover-up: the color is stunning!

    1. thanks! we are on our way, hopefully settling on 3/9! eeek! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, this next month is going to go by so fast! And I think we all go through dry shopping spells. I know I'm in one too...but buying a house is a great reason to save, obviously :)


    1. it sure will fly by! we are tentatively scheduled for a 3/9 settlement, eeek! hopefully i can still pick up a few cute honeymoon outfits though, because after that it'll be all about paint, furniture, etc! (and i actually can't wait for that!!)