Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Honeymoon Outfits (no, not that kind)

I know, all I ever seem to talk about on the blog is the wedding - but it's pretty all consuming these days.  That is, when we're not house hunting :)    I'm happy to say we got the invitations addressed, stamped, and stuffed tonight.  Tomorrow I will drop them off at the post office, and be relieved to have that done! 

So, we are two months away from the wedding, and actually today marks 2 months away from our first day in Antigua.  I cannot wait - I know it'll be amazing.  I still have to shop for the honeymoon, I mean I can't not buy 3 or 4 cute new dresses, right? (right!

So, does anyone have any cute dress/beachwear shops/sites to recommend?  I'm definitely picking up a few new bathing suits from Victoria's Secret.  And I also want a big floppy beach hat.  I'll definitely be checking out sites like modcloth, shop ruche, and lulus for cute casual dresses.  Feel free to share if you know of any places I must check out! I am trying to be budget conscious, since we are still hoping to find a house before the wedding. Fingers crossed..xx


  1. If your price range can go a little higher than most, you should look at JCrew. If you want something middle of the range, look at Lands End Canvas. Other than that any kind of cute sheer-ish short dresses at target this season could be great!

    just found your blog! Congratulations on your engagement! I've only been married about 7 months so I sometimes feel like I should still be planning a wedding! haha

    1. thanks kate! and congrats to you too! :) i will def check out lands end canvas! i love j. crew...but they can be a bit pricy!

  2. I love Forever21!
    Their dresses are usually really flowy light :)

    I just found your blog as well, LOVE the name layout. & you are simply adorable!
    I too am planning a wedding! June can't come soon enough.

    Much love,

    1. thanks kelly! I agree - F21 is pretty awesome, esp their prices! congrats to you, enjoy the planning. june will be here before you know it!!