Monday, November 28, 2011

The Hunt...

House hunting is not exactly as easy as Sandra Rinomato makes it appear. I guess I forgive her. And, if we ever move to Canada I know who I will call to find me a house.
Our first attempt at buying a house (last week) tanked due to asbestos in the house. Long story, but the seller was really shady - and I'm glad we walked away. Even though the house was adorable, and perfect otherwise. But, I digress.
Well, tonight we saw THE nicest house. Slightly out of our price range (our first mistake? probably), our realtor even made me promise not to squeal and fall in love once we went inside. Too late, George, too late. It was INSANE. Totally redone. I'm not sure we're good enough for this house, is that possible? For a house to be better than you? If so, I think we found it. I think it's a looooong shot, but we may try to go for it. The worst they can say is no, right? (waaaaaah).

Here's hoping. (and yes, we totally look like Sherlock Holmes while house hunting. duh.)