Friday, September 26, 2014

friday catch up..

our maternity session last week went so well, i always feel like tim and i can be awkward posers for pics....especially when trying to be candid...  like, sure i stand around embracing at a park and gazing at my belly.  but i LOVE how they turned out so far.  our photographer (laura olivia photography) sent us a sneak peek, i think this one is a framer for sure.

i picked up my breast pump, it was easy!  i upgraded to the backpack for $50...i just figured it was easier than schlepping the pump in a bag not made for that.   the medical supplier assured me it's "so discreet your husban won't even mind carrying it'... sure, lady, sure.  

so, creepy confession.  we bought this doll to carry around and prepare henry for seeing us with something in our arms.  so far he just seems indifferent/confused, so better than all over us.  i named it agnes.  it scares me a little.  don't think i don't know how weird this is, but whatever it takes to make the transition easier.  (crazy dog parents).

we went to a flea market (well, really an etsy vendor convention basically.)  with the BEST food trucks the other weekend.  crepes, breakfast sandwiches, cheese curds, cupcakes, ice cream, tacos....they had it all.  this peanut butter s'mores crepe was DELISH. 

sometimes i think henry would like to be swaddled.  look at that face.

my sister and her husband got us the nuna sena, which i am soo excited about!  everyone told us how helpful pack n plays were but i still wanted one that was stylish.  henry is so impressed, obviously.

so glad it's the weekend, we only have a handful more until we're a family of 4 (ahem, henry counts).   less than 6 weeks to go, i can't believe it!  i want to squeeze lots of fall activities in before the baby arrives, and i wouldn't be mad if the baby show up a week early on halloween, just saying.  hear that, baby? ;)


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

a shower for baby hager + thank you note tips!

we are so so lucky and grateful to our family and friends who threw us such an amazing shower last weekend.  this baby has SO many people who love him/her already!  

a few weeks before the shower i was on the hunt for thank you cards on tiny prints' site.  i mean, would any thank you notes do the trick?  sure, but isn't it more fun to have some specially made cards for your shower?  as well as a personalized return address stamp for 1) making things easy and 2) making them adorable?  i say yes all around.

i'm also a maniac about thank you notes, i obsessively check and re-check my lists and constantly worry i missed someone. is thank you card anxiety a real disorder? i say yes. so anything to make it easier helps.  if you're like me then here are my top tips for thank you card success, hopefully they save you some anxiety.

use a list.  i always think using the invite list to make sure you didn't miss anyone is helpful.  plus  then you have the addresses right there in front of you, so you can write the thank you and address it all at once.

pick cute stationary.   you'll be spending a lot of quality time with these thank you notes, don't you want to look at something cute?   i picked these  - they had a ton of gender neutral options to pick from which is clearly important when you don't know what you're having!   

get a return address stamp.  i cannot stress this enough, if you do not want your hand to fall off from writing and rewriting your address then a return address stamp is your answer.  i think everyone should have one.  i realized i can't share the stamp on here unless i want everyone to know where we live, but we have this stamp and i LOVE it.  it works so well!  it sounds silly but i had a stamp + ink pad for our wedding and it was beyond frustrating because it didn't evenly print our address!  i can't tell you how many envelopes i ruined.   so, self-inking stamps are the way to go.   you heard it here first. ;)

be prepared with stamps.  make sure you have the correct amount of stamps you'll need, there's nothing worse than finishing your thank yous and having to run to the post office (worst ever) for more stamps. 

i'm a sucker for stationary. i blame this on my 3 year stint at hallmark, i worked there from age 14 to 17 and swear that's where my love for cards and stationary stems from. 

i also grabbed these favor stickers while i was picking out the stamp and thank you notes, and they really turned out so cute.  my sister stuck them to tags which were used on the cookie favors.   they definitely fit in with my color scheme.

we really received almost everything we could possibly need for baby hager, so now we just need to organize it all so the nursery no longer looks like a bomb went off! it's amazing how much stuff a tiny baby needs!   happy thank you note writing, may you never forget someone on your list (my worst fear!)  


Sunday, September 14, 2014

progress on our to-do list, third trimester style. + 32 week stats.

Now that we're in the 3rd trimester time seems to be flying by (so cliche, i know).  We have just over 7 weeks to go here.  CRAZY.      I thought I'd post my to-do list here to keep myself accountable.  Tell me if I missed anything big, all you veteran moms!  

1.  order breast pump through insurance.   i found an approved medical supplier who has the one i want (medela) and got my prescription for it from my doctor, so now i think i just have to go pick it up! 

2.  finish up classes at the hospital.    we did 2 saturday classes on birth and newborn care and have one class to go, the breastfeeding class - which we're scheduled to do in september. 

3. maternity pics.  booked a session with a local photographer  - this was kind of last minute, i wasn't sure if i wanted to, but thought i might regret it if we don't.   so, we have this scheduled for next weekend.

4. newborn pics.  talked to our wedding photographers (we LOVE them) about newborn pics, we are going to pick a date/time once the baby is here.

5.  baby shower.   my mom, sister, tim's mom and sister threw me such an amazing shower.   we are so so lucky and got a TON of stuff for baby hager. (i started writing this list before the shower, so now a lot of the to-do's are done!)

6. reading up on birth.  i've been reading book after book from the library on birth/pregnancy.   i think now i should start reading things on how to take care of this baby ;)

7. hang more things on the nursery wall.  we have 2 baskets i want to hang in the nursery to store diapers and wipes, and i'd like to get a few more things.  i'm contemplating leaving the wall above the dresser blank and getting one of these once we know who is in there.    but my sister also painted a pretty canvas cloud picture for us, so i'm debating if we have room for both on that wall! 

8. write thank you notes for shower gifts.   finished!  just dropped them in the mail today. 

9.  clear space in the kitchen for baby bottles/stuff.   my friend danielle asked if we'd cleared space in the kitchen yet, and silly me but i hadn't really thought of it yet.    so we need to sterilize bottles/nipples and figure out which cabinet makes the most sense. 

10.  attempt to prepare henry.  we started playing baby noises this week, hen is a little confused/alarmed.  but hopefully will be desensitized (mostly) by the time the baby shows up.  he hasn't barked at the noise yet, and once he walked away to the front room.  so that's not a bad reaction.  we're also going to set a few baby gear things (pack n play) up downstairs so he starts to get used to this new stuff.  i'm a little nervous about how he'll do because over the last year we've had some aggression related issues with him. more so directed at tim, which we thought might be him acting weird bc he senses my pregnancy.  but also towards male friends (who he has met before and seemed fine with previously).   we have been working with a trainer, and while he's not biting us the growling/guarding things needs to be under control before the baby arrives. and often he will snap when he doesn't like something we're doing (spraying carpet cleaner on the rug, wiping his slobbery face if we approach him instead of him approaching us) sometimes he goes a week and is fine, then he'll have a few days in a row where he will display aggressive behavior multiple times a day.  he has bitten one of our friends and cannot be left off leash when we have visitors.  he's not good with men, he has been fine with women so far but now we feel it's hard to trust him - as he's often wagging/growling simultaneously (control/conflict is what our trainer calls it) before lunging/snapping.    so, he's a work in progress and one of my main concerns lately. 

11.  set up henry/hospital plan.  my ideal plan is that i have the baby sometime late night so that henry has already had dinner and just sleeps, and then tim can go home in the morning hours after the baby arrives to feed him breakfast (the hospital is less than 10 mins away).  should we place odds on that actually happening?   so,  we asked tim's sister to be on-call for him to feed him/let him out.  he's pretty good with her as she used to let him out for us when he was a puppy and couldn't hold it all day (tim didn't work from home permanently like he does now).  i'm going to have a hard time relaxing until i know he's taken care of and was fine with the caretaker though. like the crazy helicoptor dog mom i am.   my mom will be the back up if tim's sister isn't available.  high maintenance dog. 

12.  tie up all the loose ends at work.  i recently started a new job at the same company, so i'm still learning a lot which is definitely not the ideal time to take a 9 or 10 week leave, but i'm sure it will all work out.  my boss is taking over my projects while i'm out of the office, and we timed this so well that i can use 2014 PTO and some 2015 PTO in conjunction with the short term disability (maternity leave in the US is not cool).   so i think i'll have about 9 or 10 weeks home with the baby before he/she has to go to daycare. 

13.   pack our hospital bag.   my apps keep talking about doing this soon, and i'm all, but i'm only 32 weeks!  but i think soon it will be time!   i want to pick up some trial size cosmetics so i'm not lugging heavy bottles around.  any absolute must haves?   i am definitely bringing things like:  phone charger, camera, chapstick, comfy lounging clothes/pjs, going home outfit for baby h,  ipod, swaddle blankets, etc.  

i started writing this post a few weeks ago and had to go back and update some things on the list, but i'm pleasantly surprised at how much we have done!   i wouldn't be mad if baby hager wanted to be an (end of) october baby!  (i'm due 11/6). 

okay, here are my usual weekly stats:  

  • How far along: 32 weeks (and 2 days, but who's counting?)
  • Gender: still a surprise.   
  • Weight gain:  31 lbs... yep.  1lb a week since i got pregnant?  luckily the weight gain seems to have slowed for now.. 
  • Maternity clothes:   all maternity all the time, except for a few loose blouses and stretchy tshirts that are working hard to contain this belly.   
  • Sleep: really well still! i credit the bump nest.
  • Miss anything: sleeping on my stomach.
  • Movement:  YES!   so much movement these days, and my doctor confirmed it's feet i'm feeling up in my ribs bc baby H is head down!  woo! 
  • Cravings:  ice cream, always.  pregnant or not ;)
  • Queasy or sick: nope!
  • Looking forward to:   finding out who is in there, boy or girl?!  less than 2 months until we meet him or her.  can't wait!

  • xo

    Friday, August 8, 2014

    27 weeks!

    i feel like the weeks leading up to 20 were slow and steady, lots of counting down and milestones - but suddenly i'm 27 weeks!  13 weeks to go, like 3 month, people.  how the heck did time fly so quickly?! 

  • How far along: 27 weeks!

  • Gender: still a surprise!  do you know how hard it is to fill out forms for daycare for someone without a name, birthday and (known) sex?  "TBD Hager" is all signed up though.  

  • Weight gain: 25 lbs... i don't want to talk about it. ;)

  • Maternity clothes:  definitely all maternity pants, but i still have a few previously loose tops that work.  i did get a dress for my shower coming up in september.  it's this navy dress by isabella oliver, although can we talk about this shop's name?  worst name (sorry if they are reading) ever.  cute clothes and good customer service though :)   oh and i just ordered a pair of blanqi leggings and a tank since everyone RAVES about them - can't wait to try them! 

  • Sleep: still pretty good, though it takes strategic positioning of my bump nest and a small pillow to help keep me on my side. 
  • Miss anything:  sleeping on my stomach.  

  • Movement:  feeling kicks and seeing my stomach move  - pretty crazy!

  • Cravings:  nachos, but that's pre-pregnancy too.  i have a nacho problem.   decaf coffee with cinnamon.  why has it taken me this long to realize cinnamon in coffee is amazing?  i'd like to thank panera for helping me realize this!
  • Queasy or sick: nope!

  • Looking forward to:   getting my maternity leave sorted out, i will feel better once we have dates nailed down. if only the baby could send me a memo and say when he/she is going to arrive.   finding more art for the nursery walls.  my baby shower - so excited!!

  • happy friday, friends!


    Friday, August 1, 2014

    friday links

    flashback friday, this guy was small at one point. (it didn't last long).

    i can't believe it's august already - time is flying by this summer for sure.  here are a few links from around the web. 

    i've got my eye on these leggings, everyone raves about them. i'm wondering if they are worth the price and hype?

    this shirt would be appropriate  now, and really always if i'm being honest.  hangry is not my best look.

    something i never thought i would say, i want a pair of birkenstocks.  but hear me out, they are much cuter these days!  i am not hip enough to pull off the old school ones, but these?  these i think i could rock. 

    i got this baby book from land of nod, and it's just as adorable as i'd hoped!

    and now a registry question for all you moms.  nursing pillows, which one is best??   i feel like the regular boppy seems to be the most popular but it doesn't seem SUPER supportive and i'm anticipating needing all the help i can get for breast feeding.  the my breast friend has a ridiculous name but looks like a shelf, so maybe would work better if i could get over it's ugliness?   or what about this one from jj cole that i haven't really seen before, but looks legit.  all opinions welcome, even if you say nursing pillows are pointless ;)

    we are STILL struggling with henry's allergies... he is still so itchy and currently on 6 zyrtec a day/2 allergy shots a week.  the shots don't seem to stop or even slow the itching, but his dermatologist says it's preventing skin infections (which does seem true compared to last year).  we actually had to put him back on prednisone (ugh) for a short time right now to combat whatever is itching his feet, he was going crazy biting them :(    but as we wean him back off that it seems the itch is returning.   bathing him is pretty hard bc his feet must hurt so he doesn't want to get in the tub. poor boy.  we are on two waiting lists for this new wonder drug, apoquel, anyone have experience with it?  they say it's low side effect, but our boy is prone to EVERY side effect and there were two dogs in the study that had to stop for serious complications.  apparently it's a time consuming manufacturing process and in such high demand that they keep running out. 

    these links are all mostly baby all the time apparently, but hey that's how it goes around here these days.  

    happy friday!


    Thursday, July 17, 2014

    24 weeks...

     [yes, i have more poison ivy on my foot. i'm cursed]
    24 weeks.  6 months. half a year.  i cannot believe i have been pregnant that long.  time is flying by, and i'm sure it's only going to go faster in the next few weeks!  only 16 weeks (ish) until baby Hager makes his or her arrival.  

    things are shaping up in the nursery, we have the crib and mattress (gifted to us by my parents), dresser, and rug all set up.   we have a few pictures to hang up, and tonight our glider (gifted to us by my in-laws) arrived! 

  • How far along: 24 weeks!
  • Gender: still a surprise...i think it'll be good motivation in labor not knowing!   

  • Weight gain:  21 lbs... say it loud and proud?    sure, why not.
  • Maternity clothes:  yep, all maternity pants...still rocking some stretchy non-maternity shirts occasionally.   my mom offered to buy me an outfit for my baby shower, so now i'm on the hunt for a cute dress for that!
  • Sleep: really great still, not to jinx myself but i haven't even had to pee in the middle of the night yet at all! 

  • Miss anything: lunch meat and fruity summer cocktails.  

  • Movement:   definitely feeling some strong kicks now, baby is active - especially before bed!
  • Cravings: water ice ...we saw a line of people at the water ice place in town and now i could really go for some!  power of suggestion

  • Queasy or sick: nope!
  • Looking forward to:  having tim put the glider together, getting pictures hung, finding a lamp.  basically all nursery all the time.  

  • xo

    Wednesday, July 9, 2014

    this guy.


    every single day, twice a day, my phone goes off alerting me that it's time for henry's thyroid meds.  every single day, twice a day, i jump a mile.  (we thought maybe his low thyroid was partially to blame for his severe itching, but that doesn't seem to be the case so far, 3ish weeks in).  what a high maintenance hound.  back to the allergy shot drawing board, his dermatologist is going to rework his shots to see if separating his allergens into two vials helps.  fingers crossed. or maybe he could just outgrow this?  that would be fantastic.  2 years in and it feels like we are no closer to stopping the itching.  there are itch suppressing meds, but he's super sensitive and has every bad side effect usually - so we are really hoping to get to the root of it.  not to mention those are not great long term. and so, we carry on. 

    this blog might be all baby baby baby lately, but rest assured henry still dominates 75% of my instagram pics!