Friday, August 8, 2014

27 weeks!

i feel like the weeks leading up to 20 were slow and steady, lots of counting down and milestones - but suddenly i'm 27 weeks!  13 weeks to go, like 3 month, people.  how the heck did time fly so quickly?! 

  • How far along: 27 weeks!

  • Gender: still a surprise!  do you know how hard it is to fill out forms for daycare for someone without a name, birthday and (known) sex?  "TBD Hager" is all signed up though.  

  • Weight gain: 25 lbs... i don't want to talk about it. ;)

  • Maternity clothes:  definitely all maternity pants, but i still have a few previously loose tops that work.  i did get a dress for my shower coming up in september.  it's this navy dress by isabella oliver, although can we talk about this shop's name?  worst name (sorry if they are reading) ever.  cute clothes and good customer service though :)   oh and i just ordered a pair of blanqi leggings and a tank since everyone RAVES about them - can't wait to try them! 

  • Sleep: still pretty good, though it takes strategic positioning of my bump nest and a small pillow to help keep me on my side. 
  • Miss anything:  sleeping on my stomach.  

  • Movement:  feeling kicks and seeing my stomach move  - pretty crazy!

  • Cravings:  nachos, but that's pre-pregnancy too.  i have a nacho problem.   decaf coffee with cinnamon.  why has it taken me this long to realize cinnamon in coffee is amazing?  i'd like to thank panera for helping me realize this!
  • Queasy or sick: nope!

  • Looking forward to:   getting my maternity leave sorted out, i will feel better once we have dates nailed down. if only the baby could send me a memo and say when he/she is going to arrive.   finding more art for the nursery walls.  my baby shower - so excited!!

  • happy friday, friends!


    Friday, August 1, 2014

    friday links

    flashback friday, this guy was small at one point. (it didn't last long).

    i can't believe it's august already - time is flying by this summer for sure.  here are a few links from around the web. 

    i've got my eye on these leggings, everyone raves about them. i'm wondering if they are worth the price and hype?

    this shirt would be appropriate  now, and really always if i'm being honest.  hangry is not my best look.

    something i never thought i would say, i want a pair of birkenstocks.  but hear me out, they are much cuter these days!  i am not hip enough to pull off the old school ones, but these?  these i think i could rock. 

    i got this baby book from land of nod, and it's just as adorable as i'd hoped!

    and now a registry question for all you moms.  nursing pillows, which one is best??   i feel like the regular boppy seems to be the most popular but it doesn't seem SUPER supportive and i'm anticipating needing all the help i can get for breast feeding.  the my breast friend has a ridiculous name but looks like a shelf, so maybe would work better if i could get over it's ugliness?   or what about this one from jj cole that i haven't really seen before, but looks legit.  all opinions welcome, even if you say nursing pillows are pointless ;)

    we are STILL struggling with henry's allergies... he is still so itchy and currently on 6 zyrtec a day/2 allergy shots a week.  the shots don't seem to stop or even slow the itching, but his dermatologist says it's preventing skin infections (which does seem true compared to last year).  we actually had to put him back on prednisone (ugh) for a short time right now to combat whatever is itching his feet, he was going crazy biting them :(    but as we wean him back off that it seems the itch is returning.   bathing him is pretty hard bc his feet must hurt so he doesn't want to get in the tub. poor boy.  we are on two waiting lists for this new wonder drug, apoquel, anyone have experience with it?  they say it's low side effect, but our boy is prone to EVERY side effect and there were two dogs in the study that had to stop for serious complications.  apparently it's a time consuming manufacturing process and in such high demand that they keep running out. 

    these links are all mostly baby all the time apparently, but hey that's how it goes around here these days.  

    happy friday!


    Thursday, July 17, 2014

    24 weeks...

     [yes, i have more poison ivy on my foot. i'm cursed]
    24 weeks.  6 months. half a year.  i cannot believe i have been pregnant that long.  time is flying by, and i'm sure it's only going to go faster in the next few weeks!  only 16 weeks (ish) until baby Hager makes his or her arrival.  

    things are shaping up in the nursery, we have the crib and mattress (gifted to us by my parents), dresser, and rug all set up.   we have a few pictures to hang up, and tonight our glider (gifted to us by my in-laws) arrived! 

  • How far along: 24 weeks!
  • Gender: still a surprise...i think it'll be good motivation in labor not knowing!   

  • Weight gain:  21 lbs... say it loud and proud?    sure, why not.
  • Maternity clothes:  yep, all maternity pants...still rocking some stretchy non-maternity shirts occasionally.   my mom offered to buy me an outfit for my baby shower, so now i'm on the hunt for a cute dress for that!
  • Sleep: really great still, not to jinx myself but i haven't even had to pee in the middle of the night yet at all! 

  • Miss anything: lunch meat and fruity summer cocktails.  

  • Movement:   definitely feeling some strong kicks now, baby is active - especially before bed!
  • Cravings: water ice ...we saw a line of people at the water ice place in town and now i could really go for some!  power of suggestion

  • Queasy or sick: nope!
  • Looking forward to:  having tim put the glider together, getting pictures hung, finding a lamp.  basically all nursery all the time.  

  • xo

    Wednesday, July 9, 2014

    this guy.


    every single day, twice a day, my phone goes off alerting me that it's time for henry's thyroid meds.  every single day, twice a day, i jump a mile.  (we thought maybe his low thyroid was partially to blame for his severe itching, but that doesn't seem to be the case so far, 3ish weeks in).  what a high maintenance hound.  back to the allergy shot drawing board, his dermatologist is going to rework his shots to see if separating his allergens into two vials helps.  fingers crossed. or maybe he could just outgrow this?  that would be fantastic.  2 years in and it feels like we are no closer to stopping the itching.  there are itch suppressing meds, but he's super sensitive and has every bad side effect usually - so we are really hoping to get to the root of it.  not to mention those are not great long term. and so, we carry on. 

    this blog might be all baby baby baby lately, but rest assured henry still dominates 75% of my instagram pics! 


    Sunday, July 6, 2014

    22 weeks!

  • How far along: 22 weeks! 
  • Gender: your guess is as good as mine. i have felt like it's a girl from the beginning, but a lot of people are guessing boy for me.  only time will tell!  

  • Weight gain:  ahem 19 lbs... send help or cupcakes.

  • Maternity clothes:  yes, all my pants are maternity these days - and i'm wearing mostly maternity shirts too, otherwise my old tshirts have to work a little too hard.

  • Sleep: like a baby!  falling asleep much quicker than i used to and my bump nest pillow sure is comfy.  

  • Miss anything: mimosas with brunch. mmmm.  

  • Movement:   yep, still feeling kicks - i think the placenta is semi still blocking some but feeling them more often now, some are pretty strong!  

  • Cravings: fruit, iced (decaf) coffee, and ice cream (so, nothing is different than pre-pregnancy?)  

  • Queasy or sick: nope, fortunately! 

  • Looking forward to:  hanging pictures in the nursery!  tim surprised me by building the crib on thursday before i got home from work - and we moved the dresser up there (by "we", i mean dan and tim did) so it's startingt o really come together.  i ordered a rug so that should be arriving this week.  our nursery will be done by the time i hit the third trimester? MAYBE. ;)

  • Hope you and yours enjoyed the 4th this weekend!   Maybe soon I will blog about something other than the baby? ;)


    Sunday, June 29, 2014

    21 weeks!

    [all stripes all the time]
  • How far along: 21 weeks (and 3 days if we're being honest)!  only 18 weeks and 4 days to go, sh*t is getting REAL.

  • Gender: waiting to be surprised!

  • Weight gain:  uhh 17lbs.  yikes!   maybe i will stop reporting my weight, it pains me to type it out ;)

  • Maternity clothes:  i started to pick up more maternity shirts, gap had a good sale going on.  and my mom bought me a pair of maternity shorts and a shirt from target.  normally i am SO not a shorts/dress person but i have a feeling being pregnant in the summer is going to change all that.  it doesn't mean i have to like it though.

  • Sleep: sleeping well, but i do keep waking up on my back despite my bump nest and strategic pillow placement.  

  • Miss anything: a nice summery cocktail! 

  • Movement:   YES!  finally!   i was thinking it'd be like "butterflies" or "snapping" like most ppl say, but i think since my placenta is in the front i moved past those barely there movements and mine are all "thump thump thump"..  so far it's only  happening (that i notice) a few times a day, but it's so cool.  there is a REAL BABY in there, you guys.  tim even felt a kick!   

  • Cravings: fruit fruit and fruit.  also sweet things, but i was a big sweets eater before so that might not be a new thing.  tim would say carbs, he thinks i'm more into pasta these days. 

  • Queasy or sick: not at all!  though i have occasioanlly felt overheated, mostly after blow drying my hair...but it's only once in a while. 

  • Looking forward to:  my next ultrasound in 3 weeks, putting the crib together (my parents dropped off the crib and mattress, and now we just need to build it!), finishing up the dresser and ordering a rug.  basically all things nursery related? sure.

  • Thursday, June 19, 2014

    20 weeks

  • How far along: 20 weeks!  hard to believe i'm halfway through this pregnancy!

  • Gender: still don't know, and hope it stays that way!  we had the US technician turn the screen when she was looking at the business end of things.'

  • Weight gain:  15lbs .... feels like a TON!

  • Maternity clothes:  definitely wearing maternity pants, but regular shirts still.  although i think i'll have to invest in shirts VERY soon.   oh, and this just may be the summer i wear shorts and dresses (not my favorite thing), but it's been HUMID this week and i'm not even that big yet.  in august i will be pretty uncomfortable i'm sure!

  • Sleep: still sleeping well, using the bump nest and an extra pillow to keep me from laying flat on my back!

  • Miss anything: a good hoagie and a nice glass of wine! 

  • Movement:   nope, none yet.  that anterior placenta must be doing a good job of insulating things in there!  

  • Cravings: all fruit all the time.  grapes, watermelon, nectarines, plums.  equal opportunity fruit consumer over here.

  • Queasy or sick: nope!  feeling great and very lucky! well, except for this poison ivy that i have on my legs, feet, arms, tops of my hands, and side.   but it's finally on it's way out after almost 2 weeks - i'm glad to have survived it without needing something stronger (i usually need steroids!).  fun fact:  original blue Dawn dish soap dries out poison ivy, my SIL's boyfriend (a landscaper) told me this!  it makes sense, they use it to clean wildlife that have been in oil spills.  so smart.  also cold water to close your pores. 

  • Looking forward to:  my belly check tomorrow to review our ultrasound with the doctor and hear the baby's heartbeat.   also touring daycare centers, we are going to see daycare #2 tomorrow, we liked the first one but want to see a few more.  working on the nursery, tim finished painting the dresser - i need order some new hardware for the drawer pulls.  planning on picking a rug up for the room and my parents got us the crib and mattress so we'll be setting those up sometime in the next month or so!  things are moving along :)