Sunday, February 16, 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014

snowy valentine's day!

happy valentine's day to you and yours!   we are snowed in, and my flowers arrived at my office (about an hour away) today :)   but i'm feeling VERY lucky that i have the ability to work from home when the weather is crappy, there was a 150 car accident on the turnpike today. hoping everyone stays safe and warm. 
if you're wondering what we're doing today, it's a lot of this:

[this is basically my around the house uniform these days; layers and hunters. i mean, do you see this snow?]

[this guy opted for his entire snowboarding outfit minus the boots, whatever it takes] 
[this guy keeps watch at the front one can snow blow without his watchful stare]
we're going out to dinner tomorrow...but tonight; PIZZA! 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

saying goodbye..

we had to say to goodbye to our sweet poppy girl last night.  she was only 6 1/2 years old. so very young.  over the weekend she was acting off, not eating and acting listless.  then later in the afternoon on saturday she seemed to have a stroke or seizure and couldn't get control of her limbs.  we rushed her over to our vet and they thought it seemed cardiovascular based on how rigid she got and the way she was curling her legs up to her body.  we'd also found a lump near her spine just 2 days before.  her blood pressure was too low for bloodwork to rule out infection or diabetes so we left the vet armed with heart meds and instructions to see how she does on the meds for a few days and follow up with the cardiologist at our practice.  she was drinking water but only if we placed her at her dish.  she was not eating that we could tell and was just super weak and unsteady when walking. 

so last night we took her back to the vet and her temperature was so low when we got there they wrapped her in blankets with hot water bottles.  they listened to heart and said it sounded very quiet and weak.  she's also lost 1.5lbs in the 3 days since we'd been there.  for a 7lb cat that is a lot of weight.  we could have driven her straight to an emergency cardiologist but our vet thought it might only be a few days even with aggressive treatment, maybe weeks but her quality of life would not be good.  tim wanted to bring her home for the night, but the vet said we'd only have a few hours and would need to bring her back that night.  i was worried we'd bring her home selfishly and wouldn't be able to get her back in time if something terrible happened.    so, we made the hard decision to end her suffering. 

we are so so sad today.  even though she was a tiny cat our house feels so quiet and empty without her.  we will miss our sweet girl so very much.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

peace out, 2013.

what kind of blogger would i be if i didn't pop in for a 2013 recap on the eve of the new year?  (ahem, i wrong this yesterday but am just now getting to post it).

< january >
visits to my adorable (and omg was she tiny then or what?!) niece. 
this guy was small (er) and still behind gates!

< february >
tim turns 30 in february - fancy dinner out and party commences.
< march >
1 year anniversary, (blurrily) proving my dress still fits (BOOM)
and exchanging traditional "paper" gifts for year one.

< april > 
turning the big 3-0 myself. 
< may > 
we head to jamaica to see tim's cousin get married.  i get very sunburned, but the view from our balcony is stunning.  
 my best friend gets married.... to tim's best friend. life WIN.   
< june > 
baby shower for vicky, we can't wait to meet isaiah.
i prepare for two 2 5k's (color run & drenched!)

< july >
henry proves he is almost the same size as tim. and that he looks like elvis sometimes.
< august >
 apparently i took very few pictures at the end of summer.  but of course there are some awkward blogger poses, just enough to make my neighbors wonder.

< september >
still struggling with this guy and his allergies. discover doggie dermatologists are a very real (and very expensive) thing.

< october >
pumpkin cookies for a blogger meet up at terrain. got to meet some cool bloggers and hang with becky again!

visiting baby isaiah! and carl! oh, and vicky and dave too ;)
is this a handsome cat or what?  poppy doesn't miss her brother, but we sure do!
< november > 
look at this girl!  2 years old!   the difference between her hair in january and now is pretty hysterical.

< december >
this guy. just being adorable.
christmas card photos.
christmas morning. 
we're obsessed with him.  we can't help it.
grandma and pop pop with their angie girl. (my parents are adorable) 
i think aunt kate and uncle tim did good in the gift department.
tim's parents tree. (i was bad at taking people pictures during gift opening. oops!)

bring it on, 2014. 
can't wait to see what you have in store for us. 
wishing you and yours a healthy and happy new year!   

Sunday, December 22, 2013

pictures and trees..

fall has always been my favorite, but december is really giving it a run for it's money.   i love the decorating, shopping for THE perfect gifts, and bows on everything that december brings.  i don't mean to brag, but i think our tree this year (ahem, named douglas the second.. read more about tree-naming here) is better than last.  and henry has mostly left it alone so far, the first few days were dicey and he was caught with needles and branches in his mouth more than a few times.  but we didn't decorate the bottom 25% of the tree, and our fingers are crossed it will survive the season.

now it's days from christmas and all my shopping is done (minus maybe an outfit for myself...a girl's got to look good!), gifts are wrapped, the only thing left to be done is the baking.   i have plans to make my famous salted chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter chocolate fudge, and a salted caramel apple pie.  luckily i have off all this week.

tim and i went out a few weeks ago with the tripod and took some christmas card pics, i think we didn't do half bad for it being super windy and cold.  and you can hardly tell i'm clutching the camera remote in between our two hands, right? RIGHT? (lie to me) 

merry christmas to you and yours!   

p.s. who doesn't love a good outtake?

Friday, November 29, 2013


insert typical thanksgiving post (ahem, on day late) here. ;)

[my glasses are dirty about 90% of the time, also i whitened my teeth here; full disclosure. ;) ]

i am thankful for a marriage that is still so new that every time we do something on a holiday i can proclaim, 'let's make this a tradition!!"   i am thankful for a husband who cooks, this is a trait i never knew i always wanted.   i am thankful for my huge crazy slobbering hound dog, he can drive me totally crazy sometimes but he greets me like i'm the best thing in the whole world.   i am thankful for our sweet cat who is getting braver by the day and tolerating some vigorous and aggressive sniffing from said hound.   i am thankful for my family; amazing parents who support me in everything i do, a sister who 'likes' all my instagram pics regardless of how good they really are and makes some killer pumpkin soup, a sweet niece who is developing into the cutest and funniest little lady, my brother-in-law for always taking such good care of my sister and niece, and in-laws who treat me like i have been a part of the family forever.  i am thankful for recipes on blogs, so i can make things i have never even tasted before (i'm looking at you, pecan pie).  i am thankful for blog friends turned real friends.  i am thankful for the best friends a girl could ever want.  i am thankful for coffee, or more accurately vanilla creamer.  i am thankful for the health and happiness of everyone i care about.  happy thanksgiving to you and yours!

[hen will always be more photogenic then us.]

Sunday, November 24, 2013

almost 2..

[cutest niece around + seamus the cat photo bomb]

this is my niece.  she's turning two this week, is she not the cutest ever?  also, note to self: skip the gifts - tissue paper is WAY more fun. ;)