Thursday, November 20, 2014

3 weeks old!

oh, hazel.  she does NOT like being propped in this chair.  or maybe it's the fox?  he's always all up in her business ;)  i can't believe our girl is 3 weeks already!  it feels like we just came home from the hospital.   we are getting more of a routine every day.  henry seems to be okay with hazel, curious and a little overzealous with sniffing.  but unfortunately his aggression towards others hasn't gone away, i was hopeful he was 'guarding' me because of the pregnancy but that doesn't seem to be the case.  this picture will probably be displayed at hazel's wedding some day ;)


Sunday, November 16, 2014

hazel mae hager | a birth story

disclaimer: if you know me in real life and don't want to read all the gory birth details maybe skip this post?  here's the short version:  i didn't know i was in labor, got to the hospital and was 7cm already, 3.5 hours later our sweet Hazel Mae arrived.  the end.

Still reading?  Okay.   Also forgive the terrible iPhone pics  - we forgot the real camera, womp womp!

[almost inappropriate, but shielded by hazel's face... and yes, i have a freckle on my right boob]

So,  let's begin on Saturday morning.  I'm 38w2d pregnant.  I'm in full-on nesting mode, I spent the morning cleaning the floors, bathrooms and vacuuming (including lugging the vacuum upstairs, for which Tim scolded me, ha!)... then my mom, sister and niece arrived around 11 to take me to brunch!

At brunch I got 2 decaf vanilla lattes with delicious chocolate chip pancakes....we later joked they might have been fully caffeinated because our waiter seemed easily confused and my sister had ordered regular vanilla lattes.   After brunch we headed to the park so my niece could run around.  I picked her up a few times and even slid down a slide... I still felt great.   My sister drove us back to my house and dropped me off, we all said goodbye and said the next time they saw me I might have a baby.  Little did we know...

So after all that excitement I headed out to the food store to grocery shop, Tim had already gone to BJs that morning to stock up on our bulk items and also PetSmart because I'd asked him to pick up extra dog food so we wouldn't have to worry that Henry would run out whenever I went into labor.   When I got back from the food store I took Hen on a longer walk then normal..still feeling totally fine.   I came home and Tim started making dinner around 7pm.  Right after dinner I started to feel gross, like my body was clearing itself out..... you get what I'm saying here, right?  Good, glad I don't have to spell it out.   So this continues for a few hours but I'm just convinced the food I had earlier didn't agree with me.   So, I sit down on the couch and mention that my back hurts.  Tim is like, is this labor??  And I said I don't know but I don't think so!   Then some spotting started.  It made me nervous so I called the on-call number for my OBGYN.  The on-call service and doctor were so quick to get back to me, so reassuring!   The doctor said some spotting is normal, so I hung up and felt better.  But then another hour or two passed and the spotting was more like a regular period now.  All this blood was really worrying me, the back pain wasn't too uncomfortable so I really did NOT think I was in labor.  In between my first and second call to the doctor we had tried to lay down and go to sleep just in case this was it.  Tim probably slept for an hour.  Me?  I googled things about bleeding and 38 weeks pregnant.  Note:  nothing good can come from that.  So I called the doctor back and asked if I could come in to be checked because the bleeding had increased.   I woke Tim and we hurried around adding things to the hospital bag, but both still thought we'd be sent back home for sure because I wasn't in much pain at all.  The doctor had asked how far my contractions were and I'd said I hadn't timed them because I wasn't sure that's what was happening.  Well on the 10 minute drive I did have 3 "waves" of back pain...but still thought things were fine.

We entered through the Emergency Room entrance - gave our names and waited for someone from Labor & Delivery to come get us.  I am sure I seemed ridiculous because I was sitting there joking and laughing, not really in pain.  The L&D aide insisted on a wheelchair.  So she wheeled us up and took us to triage.  The nurse asked me for a urine sample and got monitors strapped to my belly.  My contractions were apparently 2-3 mins apart, woops?  She went to check my cervix and goes "OH"..  I'm thinking I'm probably 2cm and going home, so I say - "how far am i?"  She's like, "6 or 7cm!  are you feeling these contractions at all??"   She leaves us for a minute and another nurse comes in to say if I want an epidural now is the time to ask.  I hem and haw, I wanted to try without...but worry if I miss my chance I'll kick myself.  The two nurses say they think the way my pain is that I can do it without and they are there to help me.  I still am not sure, and they say let's just head over to the L&D room and get situated and I can let them know what I decide...

We settle into the L&D room and they hook up an IV for fluids bc I'm a little dehydrated, the nurse did a fantastic job putting the IV in my hand.  While they are doing this Tim runs to the car for our bags,  I tell him to 'shake a leg'... ha.    We arrived at the hospital at 12:30am...and the nurses ask if we want to call anyone but they suggested we didn't if we thought they'd rush over. We end up texting our parents and sisters to say we've been admitted but no need to rush over since it's the middle of the night.   The belly monitor keeps picking up my heart rate and not the baby's so there is a lot of finagling and eventually a belly band to keep the monitor in place, which still didn't work great.  The baby's heart rate remained great throughout the labor.  After some initial questions from the nurses and a brief visit from the doctor they left us to labor on our own for a bit.  It was about an hour of me walking around the room in a circle going 'ohhh maybe I should have said yes to the epidural!"...  the only thing that felt good was Tim pushing on my lower back to counteract the contractions or sitting hunched over on the edge of the bed.  I would tell Tim to push harder, and also to silence his phone bc his sister had texted back but the sound of the phone vibrating was beyond annoying to me.  But then MY phone vibrated and I was like okay, pass it to me.  Such a hypocrite, we laughed about it later.   Also an email came through for a receipt from Uber for a trip that night. Uhhh?  So I definitely at about 9cm dilated thought someone stole my credit card.  Turns out it was just someone emailed the wrong person - so Kelly O'Hara I have your $30 Uber receipt if you need it.

At this point my water had still not broken but I'm definitely feeling some pressure down there.  I told Tim to have the nurse come back and check me.  Truthfully I thought it might speed things up if she checked me - and I wanted to know if I'd made ANY progress.  She checked and I had!  9cm!   And woops, she broke my water.  Probably on purpose, bless her heart.   It was more fluid than I thought and surprisingly warm, like a water balloon had popped- sorry to be gross, but I was just surprised!  Not too long after this the nurse declares that I'm complete.  It's about 3am at this point (we arrived around 12:30am), and the nurses ask if I feel like I can push or if I want to wait a bit.   I said I'd like to try to push because it seemed better than riding out these contractions.  Pushing felt SO much better during contractions, though it didn't feel like I was making any progress at first.  In hindsight I should have labored down for a bit.   The two nurses were amazing and coaching me through how to push, I was so hot though and kept sweating the tape for the IV off.  To the point where they had to (between pushes) re-do my IV higher up on my arm.  Talk about terrible.

I was also barking at Tim for more ice.  With every push I wanted ice!  "ICE! MORE ICE!"  and he'd quickly feed it to me on a spoon.  The nurses warned me that I might throw up, to which I said "I haven't thrown up in 15 years"..  I actually think it's been longer than that!   Spoiler: I did NOT throw up. They also wanted to guess what our names were, we said they were secret.  So I told them the letters they began with.  They were like will you tell us if we guess it?  I said yes, so they started saying "Helen?  Hannah?  Hailey? etc etc"....til I loudly just said "HAZEL, it's HAZEL". So much for secrets ;)    The nurse told me she called 3:30am as the birth time.  This gave me lots of hope that it would all be done soon.  I kept thinking once the doctor arrives it's go-time.  So, I was shooting for that. I pushed and pushed, and finally started to feel the baby's head move down...the nurses said they could see hair!  And in came the doctor!  They broke the bed down and things got real from there.  I was pushing while they counted, and definitely could feel myself making progress.  They asked if Tim wanted to look and he respectfully declined while staying WAY up at my head. ;)

[proud dad holding his baby girl]

Once the baby's head wasn't going back they said I was so close, so with a few pushes I felt the ring of fire (not fun) and then her head was out.  I gave one more small push and the doctor had her out and onto my stomach, the cord was short so they didn't move her up to my chest until they cut it.  Tim announced that it was a girl!  To which, I said 'are you happy with a girl??" ...I blame the hormones.  He assured me he was.  I had thought it would be a girl all along, but at the very end I'd convinced myself I had to be wrong and it was a boy.  She was so cute and not as slimey or slippery as I'd always feared a freshly born baby would be ;)   She did have some fluid in her mouth so they took her over to the warming bed to suction her and wipe her off a bit.  She weighed in at 7lbs 2oz and 19 inches.  Just 2oz more than Tim when he was born and the same height.   Taking after her dad already!   I said to Tim, is she a Hazel?  Because we had a few backup names just in case she came out and we didn't think it was fitting.  But the name fit, so Hazel Mae it is!   We called our parents and texted our sisters, they were so surprised to hear from us already.  Our girl was fast and furious about her arrival.  Our parents came up a few hours later and were over the moon excited to meet their new granddaughter.

[i think we look pretty good for being up for over 24 hours, ;)]

We love our sweet girl, she sure surprised us and we couldn't be happier about it.


Sunday, November 2, 2014

1 week old!

i cannot believe our girl is 1 week old already.  we love her so much!  i will probably just do these updates monthly, but i couldn't resist on week one.  :)


Friday, October 31, 2014

it's a girl!

Hazel Mae Hager decided to greet us 2 weeks early on Sunday, 10/26 at 3:46am!  We were so surprised and are so in love with our girl.  She weighed in at 7lbs 2oz and measured 19 inches long.   She definitely wasted no time getting here.  Birth story to follow!   

[yawn!  tim calls this the poop suit, i think brown is trendy and gender neutral ;) ]

Saturday, October 25, 2014

an ode to sandals...

[yes, that is dog slobber on my shoes. and probably every other thing we own]

specifically THESE sandals.  sandals that i bought for $20 at target.  sandals that i have worn for the last, ohhh i don't know, 5 months of this pregnancy?   they might not look like much, but my easy (so far) pregnancy (knock wood) is ending with swollen feet so i am basically wearing these every day.  so fun.  i tried to wear flats to work the other day, bad idea.  my feet looked pretty balloonesque by the time i got home. plus it's getting cold out so baby hager can show up any time now otherwise i might be getting frost bite on my toes.   i do have a few pairs of shoes that are a size bigger than my normal size, however this doesn't seem to be helping...the swelling defies all odds.   less than 2 weeks to go, because babies always come right on their due dates, right? RIGHT?  

if you need me i'll be sitting around on my yoga ball, possibly eating eggplant parm and other stereotypical things.   can't wait to find out who is in there, boy or girl?!  i am accepting any and all guesses... you have a 50/50 shot ;)


Friday, October 10, 2014

maternity session

i almost didn't book a maternity session, but i'm so glad i did!  i had reached out to our wedding photographers to set up a newborn session bc that was more important to me than the maternity pictures, but i started looking for local photogs (our wedding photogs are over an hour away) and found laura olivia photography.  i'm so glad i did because the pictures turned out so great!

i say if you can swing it then maternity pics are a great investment.  i love having professional pictures of us.  now if only i would get better about printing and framing them!  especially before the baby is born.  better add it to my to-do list!  


Thursday, October 9, 2014

36 weeks + life lately.

will i shamelessly use maternity pics in every post? MAYBE. 

i really would like a new purse before the baby comes, i could use a new fall bag i just have to convince Tim it's necessary considering all the baby-related spending i've been going lately.  i love this bag, this bag and this bag.  i think i need to start buying bags that may be more expensive but will last longer, instead of my usual cheapy variety (no offense target, you DO have cute bags.). quality over quantity and all that jazz.

i am reading up on all things baby lately.  currently i'm reading baby wise.  here's hoping baby hager is a good sleeper.  any other recommendations for must reads?  i've also read happiest baby on the block, ina may's guide to childbirth and her guide to breastfeeding, and a dozen others (thanks to the library!).  my all time favorite that i read even before i was pregnant is a memoir, waiting for birdy.  a must read- so funny! it appeals to the hypochondriac in me.

update on agnes the creepy doll.  hen is def freaked out by her and was jumping at tim a bit when holding her.  based on his smashing his nose into her we'll only be letting him sniff the baby's feet for a while.   and i may spend the first week breast feeding at our kitchen island bc there is no safe spot on the couch.  big dog = can reach way over the couch just by leaning.  i'm so glad we never let him on the couch, i think that will help a lot!  i'm hoping we don't have to put the baby gates back up but it might come to that depending on his behavior.

i start weekly doctor's appointments beginning TODAY!  the home stretch!   i'm hoping i test negative for the group b strep test as we've always said i have a 'possible' penicillin allergy' because my dad is allergic and i've never had it.   soooo, it'd be nice to not even need an alternative (also i don't want to hear a doctor scold me for not knowing if i am or not!  but trying it out while pregnant doesn't seem ideal.   i'm also allergic to the pertussis vaccine, i'm a fun patient).

i received a solly baby wrap for my shower, which i'm so excited to use (and an ergo and k'tan...i sure hope baby H wants to be worn!)  i need to start watching the videos on how to wrap a baby ...bc pictures and instruction books? apparently those don't work for me or the stuffed panda i attempted to wrap. 

i still feel really good and am sleeping pretty well, some tossing and turning - and i usually get up around 3am to pee but that's about it.   i am ready to meet this baby though!  and to be able to bend forward again without a huge belly in the way.

36 weeks

  • How far along: 36 weeks!  4 weeks to go until my due date (11/6)!
  • Gender: 4 weeks til we find out!  eeek!  
  • Weight gain:  35 lbs... yep.  almost 1lb a week since i got pregnant?  i know i haven't been eating THAT badly and i take daily walks so i'm not too worried about it.
  • Maternity clothes:  i am sick of all these maternity clothes, i ripped my favorite pair of maternity jeans (womp womp) and i pretty much hate that it's fall and i'm not shopping for the adorable new fall clothes!  
  • Sleep: really well still! i get up once a night to pee, sometimes not at all.   there's some tossing and turning.  and i'm pretty sure the baby is occasionally kicking or displacing an organ it shouldn't be.  but otherwise no complaints. 
  • Miss anything: sleeping on my stomach. hoagies.  white wine.  
  • Movement:  definitely, ,it almost feels like the baby is just stretching in there now, i think i felt a foot sticking out the other day.  and i swear i can feel the baby's butt just hanging out on my right side.  
  • Cravings:  pumpkin bread but that's just the fall air causing that craving ;)
  • Queasy or sick: nope!
  • Looking forward to:   meeting this baby!  i am ready to not be pregnant and find out who is in there!